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This SHINE Circle is back by popular demand! Our INTENT for this How to BE GROUNDED Circle is: reVISIONing the American Dream.

The 'timing' of these Circles is in ALIGNment with the upcoming July Eclipse Season. Eclipse's herald a time of grand RESET and RECALIBRATION. Once again, the Cosmic spotLIGHT is on the UNITEd States. The Cancer New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse is occurring right before Independence Day, which is GIFTing US an opportunity to lean into how to DREAM a new American dream from a CONSCIOUS place that EMBODIES what it truly means to BE UNITED.

Each "How to BE GROUNDED' Circle is unique yet keeps with the theme of SHIFTing from the old paradigm of survival mode to the EVOLutionary possibility of thriving. Even if you have participated in previous Circles, you will RECEIVE something unique to this NOW moment within the Collective's EVOLutionary journey.

Energy exchange for participation in a Circle is $33.30.
*BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE or split the investment!*
Come to ONE or BOTH Circles and BE enLIGHTened to what is possible when you choose to THRIVE!

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*Are you feeling unstable due to all of the turmoil in the world?

*Are you disheartened with the division that is plaguing humanity?

*Do you desire to break free of the status quo of striving and trying to control what is uncontrollable?

*Are you searching for meaning in what seems to be a chaotic reality?

*Do you feel like there are too many changes that are happening 'too quickly'?

*Are you feeling fearful about the 'state of today's world'?

There IS a way to break free from the fear and gain a sense of stability despite all that is unfolding within our EVOLutionary journey at this time...During this gathering, I share 6 key tools for navigating these tumultuous times with ease and grace. You will leave the gathering with clarity about your healing path while feeling inspired, empowered, and renewed with a clear vision of how you can CREATE a life of meaning where LOVE reigns. You will feel SUPPORTed and SAFE to EXPLORE the bigger picture of what is occurring in our world in a community of like-minded people who are committed to BEing a positive change!

All SHINE Circles INVITE you to integrate mind+body+e-motions+SPIRIT through balancing the right and left brain/Masculine+Feminine aspects of yourSelf. Circles are Holistic+InterSPIRITual containers for personal and planetary TRANSFORMation. All backgrounds are WELCOME! Come as YOU ARE!

BE the eye of the storm during these uncertain times!
I look forward to sharing SACRED SPACE with you!

Heather Elizabeth