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Making Waves: ALIGNing with Authentic ACTion
A TRANSFORMational Retreat
Guided by Heather Elizabeth and Karen Wilson
Friday, June 21st-Sunday, June 23rd

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, North Padre Island, TX

(the Hotel is by the beautiful Gulf of Mexico beach!)

15209 Windward Drive

North Padre Island, Texas

The Retreat will be held in the hotel AND on the beautiful

Gulf Coast Beach!

“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your SOUL.”-Clarissa Pinkola-Estes

You are invited to RETREAT to the beach at the time of the June SOLstice to BE INSPIRED, EMPOWERED, and enLIGHTened in your pursuit of what sets your SOUL on fire! WE are living in EVOLutionary times that require each of US to step out of our comfort zones in order to BE ALL that WE were designed to BE. As WE AWAKEN, WE realize that WE have a responsibility to EMBODY our DIVINE POTENTIAL in order to FULFILL our UNIQUE PURPOSE.

This responsibility or ‘ABILITY to RESPOND’ requires great COURAGE and a LEAP OF FAITH out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you have begun the process of DISCOVERing your gifts, yet feel fear and resistance to take the next step (or LEAP) towards the fulfillment of your HEART and SOUL’s desire…

The ‘timing’ of this retreat INTENTionally converges with the June SOLstice, which for eons of time has been considered to BE one of the most powerful times of the year. The SOLstices herald a time of BALANCE and EXPANSION. WE are receiving an energetic ‘upgrade’ through the LIGHT of the SUN. It marks a time of CEREMONY, CELEBRATION, and reCALIBRATION.

As a Circle of Way-SHOWers, LIGHT-workers, HEALers, TEACHers, ARTists, and SEEKers, WE will BE CONSCIOUSly working with the POTENTIAL that the SOLstice brings to SUPPORT US in living our most AUTHENTIC and INSPIRED lives!

The weekend will consist of experiential inter-active processes that will TRANSFORM fear into JOY, self-doubt into SELF-ACCEPTANCE, and trepidation into ENTHUSIASM.

WE will BE nurturing both hemispheres of the brain through uniting your Feminine intuitive/creative/feeling ESSENCE with your Masculine ACTion-oriented/productive/authoritative NATURE. WE will do and BE this through:

*heart-centered discussion
*creative expression
*guided meditation
*sound healing
*interSPIRITUAL ceremony+ritual
*conscious connection with Mother Nature’s medicine+messages

Retreat itinerary is as FOLLOWs:

Friday, June 21st, 7-9 p.m. Opening Ceremony+INTENTion-setting

Saturday, June 22nd, 9:30-5 p.m. Making WAVES (breakfast+lunch provided) Dinner on your own.

SUNday, June 23rd , 7:00 a.m. SUNrise Beach Ceremony
9:00-12 p.m,. Taking ACTion (breakfast provided)

Retreat will be held at the 

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, North Padre Island, TX

(the Hotel is by the beautiful Gulf of Mexico beach!)

15209 Windward Drive

Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Holiday Inn Website

(361) 949-1112

Investment for the Retreat $399
To say ‘YES!’ to Being a part of this life-changing experience, please visit:

To book your room at the Holiday Inn Express, call 361-949-1112. There are a few other hotels on the Island and surrounding area that will BE convenient to stay at. Because this is high season on the Island, BE sure to book ASAP as rates will continue to go up!


WE are ELATED to BE sharing this INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE with you! Let’s make some waves TOGETHER!

Heather Elizabeth and Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson,

Heather Elizabeth,

Karen and Heather Elizabeth have individually facilitated countless TRANSFORMational Circles, Ceremonies, Playshops and Retreats. They began CONSCIOUSly collaborating on guiding TRANSFORMational experiences to groups in 2017 by offering beach ceremonies and meditations to the community of Corpus Christi. They are THRILLED to BE holding SACRED SPACE for people from all over Texas and beyond to gather TOGETHER for this INCREDIBLE event!

Whitecap Beach on North Padre Island, TX

Whitecap Beach on North Padre Island, TX