SHINE September Equinox ACTivation

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This is a VIRTUAL gathering that you can participate in from the comfort of your home wherever you live across the globe!

The Equinoxes and SOLstices are POWER points within the turn of the wheel of Nature and the Cosmos. As this is the final Equinox of this decade, it beckons US to BE REFLECTIVE upon ALL that has fallen away over these last POTENT years within humanity’s EVOLutionary journey. As the old paradigms are broken down, WE CREATE SPACE for PROFOUND breakthroughs that are paving the way for the New Earth to BE MANIFESTED. This is a ‘time’ of BALANCE within ALL of CREATION. It is your DIVINE BIRTHright to FEEL HARMONIOUS. You are invited to RELEASE your grip on anything that feels out of SYNC within your mind, heart, and Soul.

The VIRTUAL ACTivation will include a channeled message focused upon CONSCIOUSly RECEIVING the BOUNTY (WISDOM) that WE have gained over the last decade of humanity's EVOLutionary journey; a guided meditation+visualization; wholehearted discussion; and an invitation for CREATIVE expression.

InterSPIRITual ceremony is the new paradigm of therapy which creates SACRED space to ALIGN mind/heart/and will through accessing ancient, universal WISDOM practices in a safe and accepting community.

All SHINE Circles INVITE you to integrate mind+body+e-motions+SPIRIT through balancing the right and left brain/Masculine+Feminine aspects of yourSelf. Circles are Holistic+InterSPIRITual containers for personal and planetary TRANSFORMation. All backgrounds are WELCOME! Come as YOU ARE!

To register for the gathering with an energy exchange of $22.20, please visit,

*High Vibe SHINE Tribe members RECEIVE automatic admission to all virtual ACTivations. To learn more about The High Vibe SHINE Tribe, please visit,

Once you have registered, you will RECEIVE a confirmation email. Login instructions will BE sent the day of the event.
*REGISTRATION closes at 6:00 p.m. on the day of the event*

I look forward to sharing this TRANSFORMATIONal time with you!

Heather Elizabeth

The heART of a HEALer: A SHINE Wizard Academy Retreat

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Within a world that seems to BE drowning in chaos, riddled with division, fear, and upheaval, there lies a SACRED TRUTH that a SPIRITual rEVOLution of unprecedented proportions is at hand. Millions of people across the planet are WAKING UP to the AWAREness that they are here to BE a CONSCIOUS part of BIRTHing a new era on Mother Earth…an Era of PEACE, SUSTAINABILITY, COMPASSION, and UNITY. WE are DISCOVERing that the tools that WE need to accomplish this INTENTION are already inside of US, waiting to BE AWAKENed and ACTivated. Within each of US lies the HEART of a HEALER…

Who the SHINE Wizard Academy Retreat is for:

Initiates who are ready to take the next quantum leap towards their EVOLution of CONSCIOUSNESS. You needn't know the who, what, when, where, or how this is unfolding for you…The important piece is that you feel a heart’s call to AWAKEN to your MAGNIFICENCE. You are CURIOUS about the HEALing heARTs and feel drawn to ANCIENT interSPIRITual practices such as energy medicine, shamanism, ceremony, and ritual. You have a PASSION for the HEALing of our planet and TRUST that you are here to BE a CONSCIOUS part of the TRANSFORMATION that is taking place within you and our world…


The INTENTion behind the ‘timing’ of the inaugural SHINE Wizard Academy Retreat is to ALIGN with the POTENTIAL that the turn of the wheel of Samhain/All Hallows Eve/Dia de los Muertos holds. WE will BE gathering on the days leading up to this POTENT ‘time’ of year. The veil will BE thinning which GIFTs US ample opportunity to commune with the ANCESTORS, GUIDES, and ALLIES to aid US in CONNECTing with the ANCIENT practices of the HEALing heARTS. This turn of the wheel or ‘season’ ushers US into receiving the reflective, restorative medicine of Winter.

Saints, Sages, and Mystics have been describing ‘otherworldly’ experiences throughout the Ages. WE have been conditioned to think that this is something that only a ‘chosen few’ are privy too. As humanity’s CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDS, the more subtle aspects of reality are becoming tangible. Many are AWAKENing to their multi-dimensionality which creates a sense of isolation in a world that still deems aspects of mysticism as ‘weird’ ‘crazy’ or ‘not real’. Initiates of The SHINE Wizard Academy Retreat will BE in a SAFE, AFFIRMing, and ACCEPTing environment to AUTHENTICally express their TRUTH. They will BE enCOURAGEd to ‘fine tune’ the instrument that is their INTUITION while solidifying the INTERDEPENDENT bond that they have with Gaia (Mother Earth), Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, and the Cosmos. Initiates will walk between the realms of SPIRIT and MATTER with EASE, GRACE, and REVERENCE for ALL that IS…


What Initiates will RECEIVE by participating in the SHINE Wizard Academy Retreat:

*Attunements to Galactic Reiki I and II (Galactic Reiki is a CONVERGENCE of the Usui Reiki tradition and the WISDOM of the 13 Moon Dreamspell technology as channeled by Heather Elizabeth, Founder of the SHINE Movement).

*Hearts on practice of ANCIENT interSPIRITual ceremonial and ritual heARTS such as altar-making, shamanic journeying, and invoking helping ANCESTORS, GUIDES, and ALLIES.

*CREATION of a HEALing tool to use for in-person and distance energy medicine offerings.

*extensive kNOWledge about the chakra system and how to ‘tune in’ to your INTUITIVE AWARENESS of it.

*SACRED SPACE for contemplative exploration of the UNION of your mind, body, e-motions, and SPIRIT.

*An experience of BEing a part of an AUTHENTIC, WHOLE-HEARTed COMMUNITY.

*THREE live Q&A Virtual Circles following the retreat for continued INTEGRATION of attunements.


Friday, October 25th ( Self-Existing Moon Day 8, Kin 105 Red Magnetic Serpent)

*Opening Ceremony: INTENTION-setting/Invoking the Ancestors, Guides, and Allies

*Community Altar-making

*Violet Flame Fire Releasing Ceremony

*Shamanic Journey with Sound Bath

Saturday, October 26th (Self-Existing Moon Day 9, Kin 106 White Lunar WorldBridger)

*Walking Meditation to CONNECT with Animal SPIRIT helpers

*EXPLORATION of Galactic Reiki lineage

*ACTivation of Galactic Reiki Level I tools and hand positions

*CREATION of HEALing wand

*ACTivation of wand through Shamanic Journey

*Attunement to Galactic Reiki Level I


SUNday, October 27th (Self-Existing Moon Day 10, Kin 107 Blue Electric Hand)/SCORPIO NEW MOON

*Movement Meditation LIGHTing UP the chakras

*Exploration of the POWER of distance HEALing to assist in the AWAKENing of the planet

*ACTivation of Galactic Reiki Level II tools

*Water BLESSING New Moon Ceremony

*Galactic Reiki Level II Attunement

*Closing Ceremony


PREREQUISITE for participation in RETREAT:

*ALL initiates must have a familiarity with the 13 Moon Dreamspell Galactic calendar through experiencing a Galactic Archetype ACTivation with Heather Elizabeth. If you haven’t yet experienced an ACTivation yet feel called to the retreat, please CLICK HERE to visit the Moon MAGIC page of SHINE and to schedule your ACTivation.

*ALL initiates must have personally experienced energy medicine at least ONE or more times with Heather Elizabeth. If you haven’t yet experienced an energy medicine ACTivation and feel called to the retreat, please CLICK HERE to learn more and to schedule your ACTivation.

There are a limited number of spaces available for the retreat to ensure ample ‘time’ and space for each Initiate. The early bird rate for the retreat to BE secured before or by the September Equinox on Monday, September 23rd (Electric Moon Day 4, Kin 73) is an energy exchange of $499. After September 23rd, the investment is $555. To take advantage of the early bird rate, please CLICK HERE

*At this ‘time’ the Serrano Sanctuary is unable to provide overnight lodging, thus lodging is not included with your investment. If you are not local to Austin and require lodging suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, There is ample lodging close by to the Sanctuary!

I AM overJOYed to share in this PHENOMENAL weekend with ALL who are called to BE a part of it!


Heather Elizabeth, Kin 114 White Planetary Wizard

EVOLutionary Leader+Founder of the SHINE Movement

CLICK HERE to secure your spot in The heART of a HEALer SHINE Wizard Academy Retreat!