Conscious Dreamers' Roundtable

*Are you SEEKing a place of RESPITE and RESTORATION during the intensity of the mid-term elections?

*Are you yearning to stay hopeful and optimistic despite the uncertainty of present day circumstances?

*Are you committed to co-creating a peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable world for the generations to come?

Many of US are AWAKEning to the truth that humanity has arrived at a tipping point in our EVOLutionary journey...WE can ALL feel the urgency to discover ways to PEACEfully co-exisit with ONE another, Mother Earth, and ALL that IS. WE each have something unique to contribute to the upLIFTment of Humanity. A Clarion Call is BEing sounded to do it and BE it! 

The midterm elections are converging with an extremely powerful cycle called a 'galactic spin', which symbolizes the SACRED tapestry that is the family of humanity. This is a rare occurance and further emphasizes the significance of this moment in human his/herstory...

You are invited to gather with fellow Consious Dreamers to BE SUPPORTed and to SUPPORT our common INTENTion to co-CREATE a PEACEful reality for ourSelves and the generations to come. Through interactive discussion, grounding exercises, guided meditation, creative expression, and authentic sharing, WE will DISCOVER the still point amidst these stormy times...

All SHINE Circles INVITE you to integrate mind+body+e-motions+SPIRIT through balancing the right and left brain/Masculine+Feminine aspects of yourSelf. Circles are Holistic+InterSPIRITual containers for personal and planetary TRANSFORMation. All backgrounds are WELCOME! Come as YOU ARE!

Please register for the event through an energy exchange of $33.30, by visiting,

I look forward to sharing in this MEANINGFUL time with my fellow CONSCIOUS DREAMERS!

Triple Goddess Autumnal ACTivation Cycle

This autumn, step into the power archetypes of the Triple Goddess and be ACTivated into your own power for manifestation, healing and creativity.  Join SHINE Heather Elizabeth and Sheila Renee for a high-vibe 3 part series to walk you through the medicine shields of Maiden, Mother and Crone.  Each ACTivation Session will include a circle discussion, drumming, breath work, shamanic journey, altar creation, ritual art, walking meditation and healthy autumnal NOURISHment.  All loving adults are welcome.  If you are attracted to this series, you are meant to experience this with us!  You can come to one event or all three.  Bring a friend to any or all for a special value.  

Feast ACTivation:  Preservation and Wisdom of The Crone, Sunday, November 18th  3:33 - 5:55

We are ending a 13 year cycle during the 13 Moon Galactic year that BEgan on July 26th, 2018. This year of the Red Cosmic Moon holds the embodiment of the SACRED FEMININE RISING from the ashes of the old patterns of misogyny that have plagued humanity for thousands of years. As a Collective, WE are navigating the fall of the patriarchy. As AWAKEned BEings, WE choose the path of LOVE vs. blame, COMPASSION vs judgment. This is the way of the NURTURING MOTHER archetype that lives within US ALL. During our time together, WE will BE CHANNELing the ESSENCE of the Crone archetype through a shamanic walkabout, ritual water BLESSING, and CREATIVE EXPRESSION of the Goddess within. WE will BE invoking the POWER OF BIRTH that IS FEMININE MEDICINE that WE can call upon to MANIFEST the TRANSFORMation that WE SEEK within ourSelves and for our world. Dress comfortably and bring your walking shoes! 

Preregistration is required. To register, please CLICK HERE

Admit One: 33.33

Bring a Friend: 55.55