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{ACTIVATION} Friday - April 13th from 6:00pm - 7:30pm

{WORKSHOP} Saturday - April 14th from 11am - 5pm

What's In Store For You {Earth Magic Experience}

Ceremony - Card pulling, Crystals, Anointing, Smudging, Fire, Earth Medicine, Deep Connection with your AUTHENTICself 

Channeling - Opening to be a clear channel to download creative inspiration for the day

Receiving - Guidance from your Guardians/Angels/Ancestors and Source

Embracing - Being seen for who you are and what you offer in order to confidently connect with your prosperity

Activation  – I AM worthy of Abundance

Journeying - Prosperity journeying and visualization for the launch of your first virtual product 

What's In Store For You {Practical Business Abundance}

{ACTIVATION} Friday Eve - This is a fun playful night of spell casting and intention setting for the following day of learning. You'll leave ACTIVATED, ready to return the following morning and absorb the business and earth magic in store for you. Prosperity earth tonics and tiny Alice in Wonderland sized-bites will be served.

{WORKSHOP} SaturDAY - Be inspired (and expect internal fireworks of enthusiasm to go off)  as we explore the many opportunities we get to play with in the new age to UPGRADE our business abundance. This workshop is guaranteed to change the way you look at doing business for the better, forever... and the way you think about collecting abundance will never be the same.

Transform your business. You'll learn that there is not one way of earning money in your business, but unlimited ways using the knowledge you already have and use for your clients and customers. We'll go over how to quickly and easily transform that knowledge into an attractive virtual product for you to sell online with zero intimidation and overwhelm. We'll flow through a step-by-step outline of how to create, market and sell your first virtual product. If you can open a word document on your computer, post to your social media accounts, and send emails then you can do these teachings. 

Perhaps it is an ebook with recipes, or a series of yoga video tutorials, or an audio meditation you’d like to share with the world to create more income. Whatever your wisdom, you’ll learn how to transform it into a virtual product that people from around the world can buy, any time, day or night. And you can replicate what you learn in this workshop over and over into as many products (streams of income) as you wish. 

This is not about creating more work to add to your day. On the contrary, it is an eye-opening lesson on how to set up one or more passive income streams that earn money for you while you are doing what you want, whether that is having more free time or spending more time with your favorite types of clients.

When you have passive income streams generating money for you in the background, you tend to be less stressed, more present and play more with life. This is an excellent exercise of being in command of your time and the way you choose to experience time. 

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A Workshop Designed For

Spiritual and Modern Entrepreneurs Who...

√ Want to explore ways to create additional income streams online without spending a fortune setting them up or getting stuck in a cycle of ‘creation frustration.’

√ Are open minded and have a sense of curiosity, a desire for ceremony, playing with earth’s magic (wind, fire, light and water) and are ready to call in more abundance for their business

√ Want to stop trading all their time for money

√ Reached a ceiling with the amount of money they can make with just meeting clients one on one

√ Want to explore opportunities to call in ways to make more money without adding more work to their already busy days

√ Want to get inspired and be open to new ways to elevate your business for abundance 

√ Want to offer your wisdom to others no matter their time zone


Someone whose business intentions are to make the world a better place with the services, products or experiences they offer. Whether you are just starting or thinking of starting a business or have an existing business (and a sense of curiosity to play with earth's magic) this workshop is for you. 

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Serrano Sanctuary in Hudson Bend, near Lakeway, Texas


Friday- April 13th 2018 from 6pm-7:30pm (Doors open at 5:45pm and we will begin at 6pm promptly)

Saturday-April 14th 2018 from 11am-5pm (Doors open at 10:45am and we will begin at 11am promptly)


Saturday Lunch Included: A delicious and satisfying high vibe vegan lunch designed to energize your mind, body and spirit for the day's lessons.

Friday Snacks Included: Bite sized vegan snacks, Yogi teas and mint infused waters for your refreshments

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Choose From Three Registration Options:


1. Workshop = $333 Energy Exchange 


2. Workshop + Continued Prosperity Guidance = $444 Energy Exchange 


Everything in Option 1 ($333 Value)

And Ashley will check in with you weekly via email for four weeks after the workshop concludes, providing you encouragement and practical guidance to complete your virtual product with confidence and to answer any business questions you may come across in this time of your expansion. Imagine bright lights with customized advice landing in your inbox each week, boosting your enthusiasm and reminding you how awesome you are! You'll have the opportunity to ask Ashley anything and I'll answer via a detailed email once per week. (Four Emails - 1 Email Per Week) ($200 Value)

Plus, you'll receive a live private 30 minute virtual session with Heather Elizabeth to align you with YOUR zone of genius. This session will activate confidence and complete clarity with what you'll use to stand out in your business and in life! This session is recorded so you may rewatch as much as you like. ($111 Value)

Total Value: $644.00

Your Investment: $444.00


3. Workshop + Continued Prosperity Guidance PLUS = $555 Energy Exchange


Everything in Option 1 and 2 above ($644 Value)

One 60 minute private Zoom session with Heather Elizabeth and Ashley Noel within 4 weeks of the workshop conclusion. Extend the magic beyond the workshop with this offer. We can each dive deeper with you and provide customized and powerful solutions and practices for business and abundance. ($211 Value)

Ashley's 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Cosmic Playbook To Getting Business Online' - an 11 Day Mini-Course ($88 Value)

Heather's 'Handbook for Spiritual Warriors' Changing the world is an inside job. ($44.40 Value)

Total Value: $987.40

Your Investment: $555.00


***Registration Deadline***

Wednesday - April 11th 2018

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Heather Elizabeth

Founder | S.H.I.N.E.

Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution

Leading the magical portions of the workshop is Heather Elizabeth. Heather Elizabeth is devoted to being a source of inspiration and empowerment to fellow human BEIngs. In being blessed to work with hundreds of people over the years, Heather has witnessed firsthand the potential for miraculous transformation when a person is able to directly connect with their own inner truth and discover meaning and connectedness in their life. Heather feels that it is her life’s purpose to support the evolutionary shift that is happening upon the planet and has created a powerful program called SHINE that is designed to provide practical tools to discover one’s truth and therefore live an authentic and joyful life. Heather feels that a key to peace within oneself and within our world is in healing and uniting the masculine and feminine energies and celebrates the reemergence of the Sacred Feminine essence of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion.


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Ashley Noel

Founder | MoonGate 11

Leading the business portions of the workshop is Ashley Noel, Founder of MoonGate 11 which provides Business & Life Prosperity Px for New Age Entrepreneurs. Ashley has been teaching individuals and businesses around the world digital marketing since 2010 when she opened a boutique marketing firm in Austin, Texas. She recently launched MoonGate 11 the week of the first Super Full Moon in January 2018 to teach and inspire awakened entrepreneurs on how to honor their Divine Feminine while also tapping into their Divine Masculine to produce and command the business abundance they desire and deserve in the Aquarian age.




Have a question about the event? Email Ashley at ashley@moongate11.com or Heather Elizabeth shineheatherelizabeth@gmail.com


Who is this event for? This event is open to EVERYONE who is following their passion and wants to tap into their abundance birthright. 

Do I have to be a business owner to attend? Not at all! Come be inspired and have seeds of inspiration planted on ways to increase your income by offering virtual products. This is excellent training even if you work for someone else or are just curious about opening other avenues for income without it being overwhelming or requiring a huge investment. You'll learn how to take wisdom you already possess and transform it into a virtual product (resource) that anyone around the world can buy anytime.

How tech savy do I need to be in order to implement the guidance I receive?

If you can send an email, open a word document and write on it, and post images and video on your social media accounts, the equivalent level of teachings of this day will come easily to you.

What’s for lunch?

A delicious high vibrational and satisfying vegetarian lunch that will nourish you with the mental energy and well-being you’ll need to fully absorb the day’s experiences. Everything served is organic and the fruits and vegetables in season. 

We’ll also have bite sized snacks, Yogi teas and mint infused water set up all day for you.

What happens if I cancel or can’t make it?

In preparation for your arrival we’ve thoughtfully gathered and created special resources, materials and nourishment and of course infused them with abundance vibrations and wisdom just for you.

With this being said, there are no refunds.

****Something to consider****Up until 48 hours before the event, you may transfer your paid spot anytime to another spiritual entrepreneur if you can’t make it. Please be sure and let us know via email or phone and put us into contact with the new attendee so we can prepare for their arrival on our end.

How many people will be there?

Spots are limited in this intimate sanctuary. We would like to keep this as a circle of around eleven beings in order to give each of you the thoughtful guidance you deserve.

Where will we be for the day?

Indoors at the Serrano Sanctuary (address disclosed once you register) in Hudson Bend near Lakeway, Texas.

The is Heather Elizabeth’s sanctuary that she created to receive seekers and offer her guidance over the past few years through energy healing, ceremonies, connecting with your guides and ancestors and a place to offer teachings of her courses through her S.H.I.N.E programs.

There will be back jacks, a loveseat, a couple of chairs and ample room to gather and stretch out on the floor. You are invited and encouraged to bring anything to make you comfortable in the form of throws, pillows, and nourishment.

The weather can be unpredictable this time of year so we suggest layers of clothing to adjust your internal temperature at your leisure.

 What will we need to bring?

Pens, paper and materials will all be provided. But of course if you have your favorite journal or another way of taking notes, we invite you to do that too. This is after all, a day of creativity and learning.

Other things to note:

We will be practicing ‘deep work’ for the entire day both for the conscious and subconscious mind. To make space for this, we eliminate distractions from the outside world. Please put your phone on silent during our time together or even leave it in the car so you can be in a deep state of learning, and so that the imprint of the day’s teachings is fully received. 

An interesting fact… Every time we stop to look at our phones and check social media, email or text, it takes us a full thirteen (13) minutes to return back to your state of previous concentration.  And that’s just checking one time!