The Sacred Thirteen

13 Moon Dreamspell Personal Astrology Forecasts

“we must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and a mystery.”

 -H.G. Wells, Kin 126 White Solar World-Bridger



This journey is the next step to unlocking the MAGIC and MYSTERY of the 13 Moon Dreamspell and builds upon the foundation of a Galactic Archetype Activation. Within the 13 Moon Dreamspell Collective map of synchronicity is your own personal map called a 'Destiny Castle'. Every year on your Solar Birthday, you enter a new cycle that is completely UNIQUE to this NOW moment of your journey. These cycles do not repeat for 52 years... When you BEcome CONSCIOUS of your life's unfoldment from a place of PURPOSE and MEANING, your entire experience of yourSelf TRANSFORMS. These highly unique and personalized sessions are dedicated to SUPPORTing you in ALIGNing with your Soul's destiny...

Each session is a union of intuitive yet practical guidance fused with the ancient practices of shamanism and energy medicine. Utilizing the 13 Moon Dreamspell as a tool, together we explore various events, relationships, and experiences of your journey and discover the meanings and messages for you through the lens of the synchronicity of natural time. You will gain knowledge to inspire your awakening process by connecting with the unfolding of natural time from both a personal and collective lens. Gaining an in depth understanding of the flow of natural time and how to incorporate the power of cycles and patterns empowers you to dream the dream of a peaceful and joyful existence. When you are FULLY AWARE of the potential and possibility before you, you are able to create your life from an elevated and intentional place. 

IMAGINE, ALIGNing with the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE simultaneously. As you AWAKEN, you REMEMBER that nothing in life is 'random'. You are the CREATOR of your reality. BEcoming AWARE of the COSMIC CONNECTions that weave throughout your journey EMPOWERS you to BE the Captain of your ship rather than BEing tossed about helplessly on the seas of life.

Resonant times to experience a Sacred 13 session are:

*On or around the time of your Solar birthday (the day that you were born within the Gregorian calendar).

*Your Mayan Galactic Birthday (every 9 months when your personal archetype/Galactic Signature is present within the 13 Moon Dreamspell calendar).

*Times of TRANSITION, piviotal decision-making, or curiosity about the bigger picture of your life's journey.

Sacred 13 sessions are powerful allies in consciously navigating the unfolding of every Moon (every 28 days) AND every Galactic year (each year begins on July 26th). Think of this as a personal 'astrology' report of the highest order! These sessions are especially supportive in embracing the significance of special events in your life. Sacred 13 sessions can hold precious space for healing from grief and loss through connecting with the archetypal imprint of loved ones and the natural timing of when they transitioned.

As a true alchemist of TRANSFORMATION, I JOYfully EMPOWER you to UNITE the Sacred Feminine within who inspires keen awareness of living from the heart space and trusing your inner compass WITH your Divine Masculine protector that is an advocate and authority in manifesting your passion and purpose. 

I felt called to take Heather’s SHINE program even though I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. It turned out to be the most significant thing I’ve done for myself. I have rediscovered and remembered who my soul was meant to be. It has taken me down a different career path which is turning out to be a bigger dream than I ever could have imagined for my truest self. If you feel called, do not hesitate.
— Lauren Spectral Dragon, Founder of Well Elephant, ATX
Heather Elizabeth has been an integral part of my spiritual journey, and my awakening to the way that the entire Universe is connected, and the magnitude of the evolution that we are graced to be a part of, by virtue of this time into which we were born. She has been my trusted Friend, Colleague, Priestess, and Wise Woman. As such, I have followed her guidance and wisdom into territory that the patriarchy had taught me to be afraid of - the Divine Feminine, The Goddess, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, and the list goes on.

Among the many Esoteric paths that Heather Elizabeth has introduced me, is the path of the 13 Moon Dreamspell calendar. Drawn to the cycles upon cycles within it, the connection with the Mayan indigenous peoples, the natural earth cycles, and the synchronicity that it reveals, I was a believer almost instantly, even though my logical mind didn’t “get it.” I have often referred to Heather Elizabeth as a translator for what appears to be the language of Martian on the first inspection!

The more I have worked with the Dreamspell calendar system, the more I experience the power of the process. It is because of the guidance of Heather Elizabeth in her Galactic Activation Sessions, or in her Sacred 13 program (I’ve had the pleasure of participating in both!), that I have become aware of openings and portals in my life, of Synchronicities Galore!, and of a connection with my Spirit Guides and Animals, my Masters, and my Goddesses. She has an exquisite, precise, and loving way of reflecting to me the layers of personal, collective, and cosmic cycles, and how all of these levels are weaving in and through my life, to grow me into my deepest and most expansive Self.

If you want to Expand your Consciousness, Tap into your Fullest Potential, Be a Player in the Cosmic Evolution and Rebirth, I strongly suggest that you allow Heather Elizabeth to guide your journey through this complex, layered, and empowering system of Natural Time!
— Alisa Self-Existing Human, Spiritual Director, LCSW, DreamWorker and Contemplative, Eye of the Heart
My work with Heather and the SHINE Movement has been transformational to say the least. The offerings each month both online and in person have been a catalyst to my spiritual growth. Working with someone with such depth of experience and knowledge in the spiritual realm has been inspiring. I’m continually in awe of her open heart and expansiveness that she uses to inspire others and raise the frequency of this human path. If you have the chance to work with Heather, you should jump at it! You will be most pleased to work with this beautiful soul. I’m blessed to call her my mentor, guide and now my friend.
— Shannon Electric Dragon, Author, ATX
I’ve been particularly blessed by Heather’s introduction to the Mayan “Dreamspell” Synchronometer (sometimes referred to as a calendar). Through a grand pattern, which follows nature’s cycles of wheels intersecting wheels - a new relationship to time, nature, self and others is discovered. The Dreamspell invites us to experience the solar year as a set of (13) 28-day “moons”. This 364-day pattern concludes with a single “Day out of Time” as the cycle begins again. Each day celebrates particular powers or energies.

When Heather introduced me to the Dreamspell and gave me my signature, Yellow Solar Seed, I was without a reference point, yet I soon realized I recognized (or remembered) my birth signature - for I found it reflected in my life. For example, yellow had always been my favorite color throughout childhood and adolescence. In addition, each of the 260 signatures has a four-part mantra. One morning, as I enjoyed the four pictures I had collected several years before on the wall beside my bed, I realized they perfectly depicted the four phrases of my mantra! In addition, I’ve been hugely affirmed and encouraged as I’ve learned more about the energies of my signature. For example, throughout my life I’ve felt an intense, almost unstoppable, need to share or start certain things. Indeed, I’ve been told I’m “intense” on more than one occasion. Though I’ve learned to be more respectful of others in the way I share, I’ve wondered if I ought to try and “tone it down” or “back off” still more. When I discovered the verbs that drive my signature’s mantra are “pulse, target, realize, flower”, I understood that these are actually a huge part of my soul’s gifts to the collective; and expressing them in a fruitful way is foundational to my own health and happiness as well.

Through Heather, I’ve also found the Dreamspell to be an exciting tool for understanding the energies and synchronicities that both drive and flow from life events and my relationships with others. The peace and understanding gained from uncovering these connections have been immense. Even in my work as a Montessori teacher, knowing the signatures of my young students helps me support them in the early years of their journeys.
— Annie Solar Seed, Head Master of the Montessori of the Epiphany, ATX

*In CELEBRATION of this Galactic Year, I AM offering a special package for Sacred 13 ACTivations! As of July 26th, 2019, WE entered a Galactic year AND 13-year cycle that holds the archetypal imprint of the TIMELESS Wizard. In HONOR of this time of reBIRTH, Sacred 13 sessions can BE purchased in a 'Moon Phases' package of 4: New Moon/Waxing/Full Moon/Waning, for a $150 discount. You can invest in a Moon Phases package by CLICKING HERE

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Working with Heather and learning about the Dreamspell calendar has been a life changing experience for me. Because of this, I have been able to release old patterns of anxiety and live more from the heart as my understanding of who I am has grown. The Dreamspell is also a wonderful tool in navigating life while learning to trust more in divine timing, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be, and that all is well. Heather is a wonderfully gifted guide, healer and teacher, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with her.
— Mimi Resonant Warrior, Founder of White Crane Sings, ATX
I’m so grateful for your kind heart and calm presence. You have helped me heal in so many ways. I’ve learned to take back my own power and validate my own feelings. I am eternally grateful we crossed paths in this life, this time, this city...Here’s to standing firmer with more love.
— Kylie Lunar Skywalker, Yoga Guide, Life Coach , ATX
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I will never forget the day Heather first gave me a reading from the Dreamspell. Her words explaining the meaning and power of the Galactic Calendar and how my Kin related to me personally was so profound. Heather touched on so many themes and synchronicities that were meaningful to me. She has a loving and playful way of explaining the Galactic Calendar that really connects a person with their own inner gifts and journey! For the first time in my life, I really got “who I AM” at a soul level.

Thank you, Heather, for giving me that gift! Heather’s knowledge and connection with the Galactic Calendar are simply beyond! It is clear she was born to be a translator of this amazing, ancient system of CONNECTED KNOWING.
— Karen Galactic Dog, Reiki Master Teacher, Workshop+Retreat Facilitator, North Padre Island, TX

“The privilege of a lifetime is BEing who you are.”

- Joseph Campbell, Kin 37 Red Spectral Earth


I AM blessed to walk this journey with you, fellow traveler!

In Lak’ech ( I AM another YourSelf),

Kin 114, Heather Elizabeth Planetary Wizard








In Humble Gratitude for the Pioneers of the New Time


It is with deep respect and reverence that I bow to the founders of the Dreamspell, Jose’ Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles.  Charged with a most sacred mission of bringing the ancient codes of natural time to the collective, Jose’ and Lloydine held the light of truth and the vision of the possibility of peace for humanity. Through incredible sacrifice and discipline, they traveled the world teaching the Dreamspell and inspired countless people to reclaim ONENESS as our Divine birthright. It is because of them that these teachings are alive and well today, continuing to sweep across the world, so that the dream of a peaceful, inclusive reality may be made manifest. In Lak’ech, Beloved Jose’ and Lloydine.

“The old ways are over. The aeon is passing. The solar age of the Sixth Sun of consciousness, the noosphere, is dawning. We are not I but we are one. We are in the new way of the cosmic Earth. The way of Earth is enlightening. I am one with the Earth. The Earth and myself are one mind. Not I but we-may it be fulfilled-the sacred circle and rainbow hoop of nations unified! May my life be the sacred performance of the art of universal unification! May Earth be realized as a work of art. By the winds that blow, may we become the dance of the sacred order of cosmic enlightenment.”---Valum Votan/Jose’ Arguelles, Kin 11 Blue Spectral Monkey

“Each one of us has to come to this balance. Each one can either be a masculine controller or a feminine receptor. With natural time, people become naturally more intelligent---following their joy, going where their heart takes them. What if everybody suddenly realized that time was their ally, and they could do what they really wanted to do? Tremendous fear from the control factor says there would be chaos. But our experiments say that people would find their way. Each one of us within our own hearts holds a ‘basic goodness’.”---Bolon IK/Lloydine Arguelles, Kin 22 White Solar Wind

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