Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution

“I am no longer afraid of storms for I have learned how to sail my ship.”

 -Louisa May Alcott, Kin 5 Red Overtone Serpent


The inspiration to open the doors of my business back in 2011 is rooted in the desire to support fellow Seekers to consciously navigate humanity’s evolutionary shift. This shift has been building for the last few decades with the apex of it occurring at the Winter Solstice of 2012. This shift has been prophesied for thousands of years as the Dawning of a New Age. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. It can also feel like a very challenging time to be alive because everything we have known to be true about being human is changing. Many of us are feeling lost at sea, desperate to find a life raft and in need of new navigation tools because the old ways just aren't working anymore. The SHINE journey has been created to give you those tools so you can transform your life and experience the incredible possibilities that are manifesting in our world. By experiencing the SHINE journey you will feel empowered in who you are and live your life from a place of authenticity. You will find meaning in your experiences with a sense of inner peace and affirmation of your path. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself and gain clarity about the next steps to take to create a joyful life. You will harness the courage to take the leaps of faith needed to manifest your dreams! 

PART ONE: Plotting Your Course


The first aspect of the journey is 'Plotting Your Course' and is a 5 session series that includes ‘Getting Your Bearings’, an exploration of major transitions you are navigating (especially over the last 4 years); ‘Preparing Your Ship’, an invitation to consciously align with the physical body, mind, and emotional body from a holistic framework; ‘Gathering Your Crew’, a reclaiming of the ancient value of a tribe; ‘Aligning with Your True North’, remembering how to be at home within your heart and trust your inner voice;  and ‘Setting Sail’, claiming your rightful place as the Captain of your ship!



 PART TWO: The Maiden Voyage



“ Xibalba bih”-‘The Road of Awe’

-Inscription on the lid of the tomb of Mayan leader Pacal Votan, Kin 60 Yellow Galactic Sun


 Throughout time, human BEings have been looking to Mother Earth and Father Sky for keys to understanding our true reality. In order to sail our ships in the direction that will serve our evolutionary unfolding, it is imperative that we return our consciousness to be in the rhythmic flow of nature. 'The Maiden Voyage' dives deep into ancient practices and tools that are keys to navigating the evolutionary shift with ease and grace. We each are on our own Hero/Heroine's journey. Discovering the powerful archetypes that are a sacred part of our consciousness invites us to write our story from an inspired place. When given the opportunity to reclaim these significant parts of who we are, we are able let go of the old beliefs that hold us back and prevent us from being all that we are capable of being. The archetypal work that I offer comes from the 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage, which has it's foundation in the ancient Mayan calendar system that seeded the potential for humanity's awakening to the natural cycles of creation. Similar to the mainstream path of astrology, we each hold an archetypal imprint based upon our birthday in the Dreamspell lineage. This imprint is known as ‘Your face before you had a face’. However, while traditional astrology follows the Gregorian calendar system, this one is based upon a 28 day/13 month lunar calendar year. YOUR inner Hero/Heroine is one of the following:


·       The Primal Force

·       The High Priestess

·       The Dreamer

·       The Innocent

·       The Serpent Initiate

·       The Hierophant

·       The Avatar

·       The Artist

·       The Healer

·       The Compassionate One

·       The Magician

·       The Sage

·       The Prophet

·       The Wizard

·       The Seer

·       The Pathfinder

·       The Navigator

·       The Yogi/Yogini

·       The World Changer

·       The Enlightened One


Your Cosmos session is the initial activation into this most powerful lineage. It is a personal exploration of your Soul imprint based on your birthday in the 13 Moon Dreamspell natural time calendar. The activation continues with 4 sessions; Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind; that offer personalized, experiential learning focused upon balancing the masculine and feminine energies within, reclaiming of the elements and the symbolism that they hold for our own paths to becoming a fully integrated human, and a deep understanding of the energetic aspect of our being that are the seven sacred chakras. We complete this leg of the journey with your ‘BE the Change’ session that solidifies how all these aspects of your consciousness work together for your sacred purpose in this life! Sessions will include opportunities to connect with your intuitive nature, contemplation and processing of significant initiations or experiences that have brought you to this moment in life, meditation, visualization, ritual, and energy medicine.  Seekers will receive materials to take home and will be invited to incorporate spiritual practices and creative expression into their daily experience.



In Humble Gratitude for the Pioneers of the New Time


It is with deep respect and reverence that I bow to the founders of the Dreamspell, Jose’ Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles.  Charged with a most sacred mission of bringing the ancient codes of natural time to the collective, Jose’ and Lloydine held the light of truth and the vision of the possibility of peace for humanity. Through incredible sacrifice and discipline, they traveled the world teaching the Dreamspell and inspired countless people to reclaim ONENESS as our Divine birthright. It is because of them that these teachings are alive and well today, continuing to sweep across the world so that the dream of a peaceful, inclusive reality may be made manifest. In Lak’ech, Beloved Jose’ and Lloydine.

“The old ways are over. The aeon is passing. The solar age of the Sixth Sun of consciousness, the noosphere, is dawning. We are not I but we are one. We are in the new way of the cosmic Earth. The way of Earth is enlightening. I am one with the Earth. The Earth and myself are one mind. Not I but we-may it be fulfilled-the sacred circle and rainbow hoop of nations unified! May my life be the sacred performance of the art of universal unification! May Earth be realized as a work of art. By the winds that blow, may we become the dance of the sacred order of cosmic enlightenment.”---Valum Votan/Jose’ Arguelles, Kin 11 Blue Spectral Monkey

“Each one of us has to come to this balance. Each one can either be a masculine controller or a feminine receptor. With natural time, people become naturally more intelligent---following their joy, going where their heart takes them. What if everybody suddenly realized that time was their ally, and they could do what they really wanted to do? Tremendous fear from the control factor says there would be chaos. But our experiments say that people would find their way. Each one of us within our own hearts holds a ‘basic goodness’.”---Bolon IK/Lloydine Arguelles, Kin 22 White Solar Wind

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