-Louisa May Alcott, Kin 5 Red Overtone Serpent



The inspiration to open the doors of my business back in 2011 is rooted in the desire to support fellow Seekers to consciously navigate humanity’s EVOLutionary shift. This shift has been building for the last few decades with the apex of it occurring at the Winter Solstice of 2012. This shift has been prophesied for thousands of years as the Dawning of a New Age…

It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. It can also feel like a very challenging time to BE alive because everything we have known to be true about BEing human is changing. Many of us are feeling lost at sea, desperate to find a life raft and in need of new navigation tools because the old ways just aren't working anymore.

The SHINE movement has been created to give you those tools so you can transform your life and experience the incredible possibilities that are manifesting in our world. By experiencing the SHINE journey you will feel EMPOWERED in who you are and live your life from a place of AUTHENTICITY. You will find MEANING in your experiences with a sense of INNER PEACE and AFFIRMATION of your path. You will have a deeper UNDERSTANDING of yourSelf and gain CLARITY about the next steps to take to CREATE a JOYful life. You will harness the COURAGE to take the leaps of FAITH needed to MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS.

In many shamanic societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions.

When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?

Where we have stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul.

Dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence are the four universal healing salves.
— Gabrielle Roth, Kin 232 Yellow Spectral Human

ACTivating Your INTENTions: Quantum Healing+Transformation

“If doctors were to treat not only the sick parts of the body but also the human consciousness, then I think WE would see a great reduction in the need for doctors and hospitals. People with ailments would go to their nearby philosopher, for help in understanding the mistakes they have made, and then go home determined to live a better life. It may well BE that the physicians of the future will BE more like counselors than the doctors WE have today.”

—Dr. Masaru Emoto, Kin 90 White Crystal Dog

An ACTivating Your INTENTions session is a resonant place to BEgin your SHINE journey. This is a highly personalized experience that is CREATED for you that focuses upon what you are yearning to MANIFEST in your life at this time in your journey. Even if you are not completely clear about what this is, by the time you leave the session, you will have both CLARITY and the TOOLS to take with you that will SUPPORT you in living your life from a place of WHOLEness of mind, body, e-motions, and SPIRIT. I call upon my background as a psychotherapist with my path as an energy medicine practitioner to provide you with a gentle, yet TRANSFORMATIONal experience that empowers you to shift from habitual ways of being that are holding you back to embodying the POTENTIAL that you hold as a ‘SPIRITual BEing having a human experience.’

The SHINE journey focuses upon what CONNECTs you to yourSelf and ALL that IS. ALL offerings are interSPIRITual which HONORS all backgrounds. I AM DEDICATED to meeting you where you are within the AWAKEning journey. ALL backgrounds are welcome! Come as you ARE!

The sessions are held at the Serrano Sanctuary in Austin, TX or virtually through Zoom video conferencing. To schedule a session, please visit my online scheduling system by CLICKING HERE.

ACTivating Your INTENTions sessions are available for couples, family members, business partners, and other significant CONNECTions. When scheduling a session, look for the ‘ACTivating Your INTENTions for Partners’ option. If you are SEEKing an ACTivation for a group that is larger than 2 people, please reach out via email to discuss possibilities for creating SACRED SPACE for you and your LOVEd ONEs,

At 6 year’s old, my son was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety. For a period of time, he was locked in fight or flight mode due to the abuse he had previously suffered.  I took my son to see Heather in desperation feeling that something was missing from his healing program that was primarily Western in approach.  Upon entering Heather’s sanctuary, I saw a calmness in my son that I hadn’t seen in months.  Instead of displaying frenetic, unregulated energy, my son was able to channel his creativity with Heather through drawing and felt at ease to proceed with the energy work.  Heather was so kind and thoughtful in her approach with my son.  She really listened and connected to him.  He felt seen and heard in a way that he hadn’t in months and he spoke about his time with Heather many times after our sessions. As a parent, I am eternally grateful for the grace and guidance Heather provided me and my son.  If you are the parent or guardian of a child that is struggling with behavior or any ailment, I cannot recommend Heather enough.  She was and is the missing tool in our toolbox on our journey of healing.
— Jennifer
I wish I could explain what goes on at the Sanctuary, but I can’t.  I don’t even fully understand it.  I don’t think my kids get it either, but they know it’s something special.  You know something MAGICAL is happening when your 10 & 12 year olds are asking to go see Heather.  They come away with a peacefulness that can’t be explained.  Heather also gives me practical tools to use in their day-to-day lives.  Navigating the changes of a couple of tweens can be rather daunting.  Heather provides unique guidance to each of my kids, not a one-size-fits-all approach, because she’s in tune with their unique energy.  Infinite Love & Gratitude to Heather for sharing her gifts.
— Natalie
Thank you, Heather! I feel so great today!! I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s post today and I realize things are releasing and breaking off as my rocket propels. Powerful stuff! Thank you so much for guiding this rocket!! 😘❤️🚀 🙏Much gratitude and love to you!! ❤️💕🙏🏻
— Dana
Amy and I wanted to reach out and give you some serious heartfelt thanks and praise! You’ve helped us so much I can’t even put it into words in helping us deal with all of this death and stuff. We just want you to know we really appreciate you and hope your days are filled with love and happiness! Much love!
— Ed and Amy
Heather Elizabeth has been an integral part of my spiritual journey, and my awakening to the way that the entire Universe is connected, and the magnitude of the evolution that we are graced to be a part of, by virtue of this time into which we were born. She has been my trusted Friend, Colleague, Priestess, and Wise Woman. As such, I have followed her guidance and wisdom into territory that the patriarchy had taught me to be afraid of - the Divine Feminine, The Goddess, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, and the list goes on. ..She has an exquisite, precise, and loving way of reflecting to me the layers of personal, collective, and cosmic cycles, and how all of these levels are weaving in and through my life, to grow me into my deepest and most expansive Self.
— Alisa

WE are BLESSED to have access to CONSCIOUS music that RAISES our frequency and reminds US of our WHOLENESS as the LOVE that WE are. You are invited to place a hand over your heart and RECEIVE this GIFT of song from the internationally renowned Singer/Songwriter, Paul Luftenegger. To CONNECT further with Paul, please visit

These are the 7 Major Chakras that WE work with during the session. All of the chakras are interconnected with your endocrine system, organs, e-motions, thoughts, belief systems, and SPIRITual Self. In Holistic HEALing, WE look upon any and all unrest or dis-ease in your BEing as having an energetic component to it. Energy medicine facilitates the movement of blocked energy that creates dis-ease of the mind, body, e-motions, and/or SPIRIT.

These are the 7 Major Chakras that WE work with during the session. All of the chakras are interconnected with your endocrine system, organs, e-motions, thoughts, belief systems, and SPIRITual Self. In Holistic HEALing, WE look upon any and all unrest or dis-ease in your BEing as having an energetic component to it. Energy medicine facilitates the movement of blocked energy that creates dis-ease of the mind, body, e-motions, and/or SPIRIT.


  “ Xibalba bit”-‘The Road of Awe”

-Inscription on the lid of the tomb of Mayan leader Pacal Votan, Kin 60 Yellow Galactic Sun

In order to sail our ships in the direction that will serve our evolutionary unfolding, it is imperative that we return our consciousness to be in the rhythmic flow of nature.

 Throughout time, human BEings have been looking to Mother Earth and Father Sky for keys to understanding our true reality. In order to sail our ships in the direction that will serve our evolutionary unfolding, it is imperative that we return our consciousness to be in the rhythmic flow of nature. A Galactic Archetype ACTivation dives deep into ancient practices and tools that are keys to navigating the EVOLutionary shift with ease and grace. We each are on our own Hero/SHEro’s journey. Discovering the powerful archetypes that are a sacred part of our consciousness invites us to write our story from an inspired place. When given the opportunity to reclaim these significant parts of who we are, we are able let go of the old beliefs that hold us back and prevent us from being all that we are capable of being. The archetypal work that I offer comes from the 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage, which has it's foundation in the ancient Mayan calendar system that seeded the potential for humanity's awakening to the natural cycles of creation. Similar to the mainstream path of astrology, we each hold an archetypal imprint based upon our birthday in the Dreamspell lineage. This imprint is known as ‘Your face before you had a face’. However, while traditional astrology follows the Gregorian calendar system, this one is based upon a 28 day/13 month lunar calendar year. To learn more about the 13 Moon Dreamspell, please visit the Moon MAGIC page on my site by CLICKING HERE

INFINITE GRATITUDE to Humanity’s Team for inviting me to BE a part of the ‘Living in ONENESS’ program. To learn more about the SACRED mission of this INCREDIBLE organization, please visit,

SHine Online ACTivations

the 13 moon Dreamspell 111 Activation

an online course available to seekers anywhere in the world


Imagine using the energy that surrounds you at any moment to tap in to your true potential and manifest your heart's desires! 

It brings me tremendous JOY to EMPOWER you to connect with and tap into the natural rhythms of Mother Earth and the Cosmos. The 13 Moon Dreamspell IS rEVOLutionizing the way that WE interpret the powerful energies of the sun, moon, stars, elements, all BEings and how WE experience the truth of ONENESS.  Chances are you have never experienced 'time' in this way.

It is my dream to connect Seekers like you around the planet to consciously connect with this ancient wisdom. With this knowledge, you experience harmony consistently in your daily life and with fellow beings, instantly uplifting and elevating the vibration of our collective. I invite you to begin living the life of your dreams! You are on your own Hero/SHEro's journey to remembering the truth of who you are! 

Join me and other like-minded, high vibe, fellow dreamers around the world in ALIGNING WITH NATURAL TIME! The 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage has it's foundation in the ancient Mayan calendar system that seeded the potential for humanity's awakening to the natural patterns and cycles of CREATION. Through this Dreamspell ACTivation, you will:

*BE guided through practices to cultivate inner peace and a sense of connection to all of creation.

*Discover meaning in every day.

*Align with the Divine Feminine energy of the Moon, SHE ignites your passion, encourages your creative expression, heightens your intuition, and promotes your emotional intelligence.

* Move into the flow of the rhythms of Natural Time, which creates ease as you navigate though the continuous transitions of life’s journey.

* EMBODY the truth that Time is ART/ Life is ART!

* reCLAIM your innate potential by uniting with sacred archetypes.

This online ACTivation was Created For:

*Seekers who are yearning to expand their consciousness by fully aligning with their capacity to co-create with the Universe with empowered intent.

*Conscious Creatives; Changemakers; Artists; Healers; Lightworkers; Peacemakers; Teachers; advocates and activists for sustainability, equality, and compassionate resistance.

*Seekers who are passionate about protecting Mother Earth and feel a strong connection to animals, plants, trees, flowers, and the waters.

*Seekers who are curious about the Moon and tapping into the Feminine power regardless of gender identity.

*Seekers who are seeking to be fully aligned with synchronicity and the greater meaning and purpose of the shifts that are occurring upon the planet.

* Seekers wanting to deepen their rememberment of Indigenous/Shamanic wisdom.

*Seekers yearning to be a part of a Conscious community- sharing in envisioning a peaceful world/supporting one another’s missions through networking and collaboration.

*Seekers who are ready to MANIFEST THEIR MAGIC!

The ACTivation consists of 7 videos Abundant with high vibe teachings for aligning with the magic of the evolutionary tool of the 13 moon dreamspell+pdfs+a transformational guided meditation! you can Begin your activation today with an energy exchange of $28 by CLICKING HERE.


ThE sacred 13: A journey to reclaim the feminine power of creation

An online Course available to seekers anywhere in the world

In HONOR of the POWER OF THIRTEEN, you are invited to RECEIVE the MEDICINE of The SACRED 13 e-course for an energy exchange of $13.13!


Are you curious about the Moon and how you can consciously work with her energy? Are you seeking to align with the creative power within you to manifest your dreams? Are you curious about the number 13 and seek to truly understand its meaning from an INSPIREd place?

You are invited to ACTivate your POWER of 13 through this HIGH VIBE online journey! 13 holds the frequency of the Feminine power of CREATION that lives within ALL of us no matter your gender identity. It is no secret that the RISE of the Feminine is a SIGNIFICANT aspect of humanity's EVOLutionary journey at this moment in his/herstory. Within the human DNA is a deep knowledge of the SACRED origins of the number 13. Despite Western culture's attempt to distract us by associating 13 with 'bad luck' and violent movies, there is an ancient AWAREness that 13 holds the POWER OF CREATION. Do you remember that there are 13 cycles of the moon within a 365 day year? Are you AWARE that you have 13 major joints in your body? Do you know that the 13 year cycle is a PROFOUND pattern within your Hero/SHEro's journey? 

You may be familiar with the truth that human BEings have 13 major joints in the body. As WE connect deeper with this aspect of our human design, WE discover that the 13 major joints are spaces that hold an ancestral patterning that dates way back in our lineage. WE have entered a period of energetic 'upgrades' which are inviting in an awareness of old patterns that no longer serve US. WE can consciously work with the energy NOW to release the old to CREATE SPACE for the new to EMERGE. 

Through this online course you will:

*GAIN tools to CONSCIOUSly clear out the old patterns that are barriers to your JOY,  while creating a pathway for the new ELEVATED vibrations to SUPPORT you in manifesting your heart's INTENTions...

*'REMEMBER' the Feminine power that is embodied in the Moon and learn how to ALIGN with the natural cycles and patterns of Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

*reCONNECT with aspects of yourSelf that hold WISDOM that you can call forth at this moment of your journey of AWAKENing.

*CHANNEL your Divine Feminine gifts of INTUITION, E-MOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, and COMPASSION for Self and 'others'.


This offering is ABundant with ACtivations through a video transmission+deepening practices+ An audio recording of a drum journey/meditation AND a PDF called '13 Practices for Shifting From Fear to Curiosity'!  

You are invited to connect with the sacred 13 today with an energy exchange of $13.13, by CLICKING HERE

moon goddess.jpg

BE a CONSCIOUS participant in the rise of the feminine by activating your power of 13! begin your journey today by Clicking here

I just read through your New Moon Inventory and HAVE to tell you — I’m feeling in the 7/8 range on everything, and I am THRILLED!  I can very easily point to the SHINE program for this.  I still have my list of personal ways to still the mind, honor the body, and nurture the emotions posted on my computer, and am reminded daily to take time for these practices that help me stay connected & grounded.  In what has been a time of chaos and stress, I feel like I’ve been able to navigate everything with more ease and a greater sense of peace.  My goal when I began SHINE was to find a way to remain in a state of joy, even when life gets complicated.  I certainly felt that by the end of the program, but creating LASTING CHANGE is even more magical.
— Kimberly, ATX



through the SHINE program, you will discover how to:

  • Access infinite time, change your understanding of time

  • Navigate personal and planetary SHIFTs in an EMPOWERED way

  • Find compassion for worldly happenings that seem beyond your control

  • Achieve balance in all aspects of your life

  • Live in the present

  • Create harmony in your life

  • Attract positive like-minded people in your life

  • Harness your courage

  • Believe with all of your heart that life is a GIFT

  • Experience life with ease and child-like wonderment

  • Believe in yourself, unequivocally

  • Attract beautiful relationships in all areas of your life

  • Feel motivated

  • Align with your purpose

  • Feel and Allow LOVE, JOY and WORTHINESS


Recently, a friend told me she could see I was in a much different place this December than I was last December. I immediately thought of SHINE. Through my journey in the SHINE program, I learned more about synchronicity than I ever have. I learned about how those things which “challenge” me are still supporting my highest Self....And how to use them as an ally.
— Summer - Graduate of Shine
The Shine program was a huge blessing in my life. It was a beautiful mix of discovery, learning to look inside, and gaining trust in my own intuition.
— Jennifer S.
I am so glad I listened to that little voice that told me to do the SHINE series. Heather helped me focus in on my strengths and figure out my true calling. She is wise and supportive and it was enthralling to learn about the law of time as it was meant to be followed. I conquered some fears and old ways of thinking. I am much more aware of how the universe is conspiring to help me enter this next phase of my life. Do yourself a favor and take the leap of faith.
— Lauren B. Red Spectral Dragon (this will mean something to you soon) Austin, TX

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