I AM Fire.
I AM the element of your Divine Masculine power. I gift you the medicine of transmutation of what no longer serves, so you may unite your will with Divine will. May you harness the courage you hold to authentically BE who you were designed to BE. May you advocate for your-Self and embrace your inner authority.


Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

The solar plexus is located midway between the rib cage and the navel and is the energetic portal of our will, personal power, and self-acceptance. This is our ‘center’, where, when empowered, our will is in alignment with Divine will and we are authentically walking the path of who we truly are. The Sun is Earth’s power Source, without it we would not survive. Our solar plexus can be seen as our life-force and the core of who we are. Due to conditioning from ancestors and life experiences that have created self-doubt and self-loathing, many people are living from a dis-empowered space, denying themselves the experiences that call to them. Humanity is in a process of reclaiming our courage and willingness to express our unique sparks of light!


Connection to the physical body:
adrenals, stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and small intestine.

I AM connected to the abundant flow of the Universe; I AM easily manifesting my dreams; I AM embracing my gifts and I AM choosing to share them with others; I AM accepting myself; I AM a powerful BEing of light.

Healing tools:
consciously connect with the Sun and feel its rays cleansing and empowering you; place your hand on your belly and send your breath there to bring awareness to your courage and strength; engage in powerful movement practices such as martial arts, Tai Chi, and warrior yoga poses.



Throat Chakra - Visuddha

The throat chakra is the portal to divine communication. It is the space that houses self-expression and the capacity to speak our truth and hear another’s truth. In this place, we are invited to express our creativity and inspiration. Each of our voices have a unique sound and vibration, and when we allow ourselves to express authentically from this place, we have the capacity to heal others and ourselves. Many people have been conditioned to believe that what they have to say is not meaningful or ‘right’, therefore they use their voice to cause harm or have shut down this part of themselves, fearful of speaking their truth and expressing their gifts. The ability to hear and the gift of being heard are keys to co-creating a solid foundation of any relationship or community.


Connection to the physical body:
thyroid, parathyroid, nervous system, mouth, throat, and ears.

I AM speaking my truth freely and openly; I AM a uniquely Divine BEing who has important things to contribute to this world; I AM listening with a compassionate and open heart when others are speaking.

Healing tools:
practice saying affirmations out loud; chant OM or other sacred sounds that resonate; SING: practice active listening when communicating—“ It is very important to me that I fully understand what you are sharing. What I heard you say is "___”.



Deepening Practices

  • Choose an affirmation and healing tool that resonates for BOTH chakras and create space daily to practice them together with the intent of opening that chakra. You can utilize your intuition as to which chakra you are called to connect with each day.
  • Create a vision board that symbolizes your intentions, dreams, and desires for your path at this moment in time. This is often done with the medium of collage, yet doesn’t have to be done this way. You can include images, quotes, and passages from books that represent what you are called to manifest in your life. Let this be your Divine Masculine’s call to action!
  • Continue connecting with the Divine Child’s Manifesto