It is no secret that a SIGNIFICANT EVOLutionary theme within humanity's journey is the reCLAIMing of the EMPOWERED Feminine PRESENCE within each and every ONE of US. WE are DISCOVERing that this AWAREness is not a luxury. It IS necessary for our survival as a species. The RETURN of the DIVINE FEMININE is the return to the ways of nurturance, cooperation, and COMPASSION for ourSelves, ONE another, and ALL of CREATION.

Within the rhythmic FLOW of Natural Time, WE are navigating a Galactic year that embodies the ESSENCE of the PURIFICATION that is possible when WE ALIGN with the HEALing POWER of the Feminine, which is the 13 Moon Dreamspell archetype of the Red Cosmic Moon. If you have yet to BE ACTivated into the WISDOM of the 13 Moon Dreamspell Galactic calendar, you are welcome to visit the Moon MAGIC page on my site,

Our gathering is on the Eve of an extremely significant time within the Galactic calendar that is called the ‘Return of the Year’. The ‘Return of the Year’ REFLECTs that there have been 260-days since the beginning of this Galactic year of the Red Cosmic Moon that began on July 26th, 2018.

The 260-day cycle is symbolic of the human gestation cycle, signaling that WE are in the midst of a personal and Collective reBIRTHing process. WE can begin to RECEIVE CLARITY about the lessons, EVOLutions, and TRANSFORMations that have taken place within the context of this CLEANSING year of the Red Cosmic Moon. There are many layers to this PROFOUND AWAREness that WE will explore in our Circle, including the fact that this Galactic year also brings to completion a 13-year cycle that began on July 26th, 2006.

The ACTivation will include a channeled transmission of the energies that are guiding US through this WAVE of the AWAKENing to the DIVINE FEMININE, a guided meditation, drum journey, and invitation for CREATIVE expression.

InterSPIRITual ceremony is the new paradigm of therapy which creates SACRED space to ALIGN mind/heart/and will through accessing ancient, universal WISDOM practices in a safe and accepting community.

All SHINE Circles INVITE you to integrate mind+body+e-motions+SPIRIT through balancing the right and left brain/Masculine+Feminine aspects of yourSelf. Circles are Holistic+InterSPIRITual containers for personal and planetary TRANSFORMation. All backgrounds are WELCOME! Come as YOU ARE!

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Once you have registered, you will RECEIVE a confirmation email. Login instructions will BE sent the day of the event.

I AM looking forward to BEing in Circle with you as WE CELEBRATE the RISE of SHE!


Heather Elizabeth