Come gather in a CONSCIOUS community at the Serrano Sanctuary in Austin as WE prepare to RECEIVE the medicine of the Virgo Full Moon. As WE continue to INTEGRATE the January Eclipse energies, the archetype of Virgo gently reminds US to call upon the inner healer as an ALLY for accessing personal growth and TRANSFORMATION...

Through interSPIRITual ceremony, the practice of Kundalini yoga, and sound healing, you will BE NURTURED and DISCOVER ways to continue to NURTURE yourSelf in the days, weeks, and moons to come.

InterSPIRITual ceremony is the new paradigm of therapy which creates SACRED space to ALIGN mind/heart/and will through accessing ancient, universal WISDOM practices in a safe and accepting community.

Kundalini yoga uses kriya to open the body and move energy to create balance. From this space we can receive. The frequency of the gong assists in relaxation. The mind can still and the nervous system is renewed. Our practice will allow experience of our inner healer and our true self.

To reserve your space with an energy exchange of $28, please visit,
*Space is limited. If you are feeling called to this event, TRUST that you are meant to participate and invest in yourSelf*

WE look forward to sharing in this special gathering with you!
Heather Elizabeth and Laura Kirtan

Heather Elizabeth:

Laura Kirtan Marcotte has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years. She loves helping people find inner calm and strength through the practice of yoga and meditation. She leads retreats and teacher trainings around the country.

Heather Elizabeth has a background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked in a variety of settings including hospice, long-term care facilities for aging adults and adults with special needs, and the admissions department of a psychiatric hospital. In 2006, a challenging life transition catapulted her into her own evolutionary leap in consciousness. Her yearning for Spiritual growth led her to be initiated into the ancient healing arts of shamanism, energy medicine, and the life-changing experience of attending Nine Gates Mystery School. Through her own awakening process, she heeded the call to unite her background as a Social Worker with the spiritual lineages that she holds to be of service as a guide and ally for fellow Seekers' awakening journeys.