IMAGINE what it would BE like to ALIGN with your power of INTENT from a place of BEing in the FLOW of life... BALANCING DOing and BEing...RELEASING self-criticism and perfectionism while EMBRACING your UNIQUE SPARK of the DIVINE...

The upcoming Virgo New Moon is holding SACRED SPACE for INTEGRATION of the DIVINE FEMININE call to BE of service to Self and 'others' through an EMPOWERed and enLIGHTened AWAREness that lives within your consciousness. This ANCIENT WISDOM has been ACTivated by the recent Eclipses. NOW is the time to call upon this WISDOM to support you in your Hero/SHEro's journey of fulfilling your DIVINE PURPOSE.

The Circle will include HIGH VIBE practical tools that include meditation, guided visualization, creative expression, and intuitive guidance. All SHINE Circles INVITE you to integrate mind+body+e-motions+SPIRIT through balancing the right and left brain/Masculine+Feminine aspects of yourSelf. Circles are Holistic+InterSPIRITual containers for personal and planetary TRANSFORMation. All backgrounds are WELCOME! Come as YOU ARE!

Doors open at 1:11 p.m., WE BEgin promptly at 1:30 p.m. You can register for the Circle with a $33.30 energy exchange by visiting, /



Heather Elizabeth