Circles, Ceremony & Celebration

Ceremony and Ritual are the new paradigm of therapy


 -Hazrat Inayat Khan, Kin 168 Yellow Crystal Star


Experiencing alignment with One’s Authentic Self is transformational, especially in the context of a safe and loving community. Heather Elizabeth has been blessed to facilitate INTENTional gatherings (often called support groups or workshops) for over twenty years. An evolutionary way of offering this experience, which Heather is called to align with, is called a Circle. Humans have been gathering in sacred circles for eons of time. The circle reflects the cyclical flow of nature, inviting in a sense of balance and equality for all who are joining together. With this intent, there is an understanding that every person present has something special and unique to contribute to the group. Heather creates INTENTional space for conscious communities to gather and celebrate significant rites of passage such as birthdays, unions, anniversaries, and honoring the life of a beloved. The circles are co-created with the vision that each one uniquely symbolizes the heart and soul of the bonds of the group. Heather Elizabeth is devoted to inspiring humanity to reclaim the essence of a tribe through sharing in ceremony and celebration of our interconnectedness with one another and all of creation. Heather Elizabeth is available for personalized circles for your business, professional group, or organization, which can include inspirational and empowering discussions on the following topics:

*Mindfulness: Create Peace Within by Aligning with the Mind/Body/Emotions/and Spirit

*Navigate Life Transitions by Harnessing Your Courage, Compassion, and Resilience

* The Reemergence of the Sacred Feminine

*Embrace Your Inner Hero/SHEro's Journey as a Map for Aligning with Your Purpose

*Honor Diversity By Cultivating a Community of Respect and Tolerance

*Increase Productivity Through Creating Space for Creativity

*Harness Your Capacity to Create a Meaningful Life by Aligning with Natural Time

*How to BE High Vibe Throughout the Holidays


Shift from surviving to THRIVING with the state of the heART Playshop : How to BE Grounded in an Uncertain World

*Are you feeling unstable due to all of the turmoil in the world?
*Are you disheartened with the division that is plaguing humanity?
*Do you desire to break free of the status quo of striving and trying to control what is uncontrollable?
*Are you searching for meaning in what seems to be a chaotic reality?
*Do you feel like there are too many changes that are happening 'too quickly'?
*Are you feeling fearful about the 'state of today's world'?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that you are not alone AND this gathering was CREATEd for you! There IS a way to break free from the fear and gain a sense of stability despite all that is unfolding within our EVOLutionary journey at this time...

During this gathering, I share 6 key tools for navigating these tumultuous times with ease and grace. You will leave the gathering with clarity about your healing path while feeling inspired, empowered, and renewed with a clear vision of how you can CREATE a life of meaning where LOVE reigns. You will feel SUPPORTed and SAFE to EXPLORE the bigger picture of what is occurring in our world in a community of like-minded people who are committed to BEing a positive change!

I will be sharing the tools from a holistic framework that recognizes the connection of mind+body+e-motions+Spirit. All backgrounds are honored and accepted! Come as you are!

The next 'How to BE Grounded' Playshop is coming SOON-stay TUNEd! 

Thank you so much! It was fabulous and exactly what I needed!
— Maggie, LCSW, Austin, TX
It was a magical night with Heather Elizabeth learning how to THRIVE!
— Summer, LCSW, Austin, TX
Thank you, Heather, for a wonderful time with your loving wisdom! Keep on Shining and Sharing!
— Nicky, Co-Founder of Juice Mammas, Llano, TX
WOW! I feel so hopeful after this class. Thank you, Heather!!!
— Angelina, Ordained Minister, Voca, TX
Our time with Heather has made a big difference in my mood. I went from feeling depressed to feeling hopeful.
— Dana, Author, Horseshoe Bay, TX

Sharing the LOVE at the Return to WONDERland Day Out of Time Festival at the Serrano Sanctuary.

Sharing the LOVE at the Return to WONDERland Day Out of Time Festival at the Serrano Sanctuary.

BEyond me, is WE…

Ceremonial Circle honoring the Wesak Full Moon at Whitecap Beach on North Padre Island, Texas

Ceremonial Circle honoring the Wesak Full Moon at Whitecap Beach on North Padre Island, Texas


Testimonials lovingly shared about personalized Circles offered by Heather Elizabeth:

This year marked the inaugural Maternal Mental Health and Wellness Conference, co-hosted by UT School of Social Work and Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance. The conference had several goals: provide education to professionals working with women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and host a community day in which women and their families could come and learn more and receive support and referrals. The steering committee had many conversations about how to end this conference. As mentioned above, it was not a traditional conference. We wanted to honor the education provided, the support given and the healing participants received. It was clear in my mind that Heather Elizabeth needed to be a part of the conference’s ending. I was so thrilled when she agreed! Heather was very involved in the planning of the healing ceremony that would bring the conference to a close. 

I’ve known Heather for over 10 years now and she’s always been near and dear to me. She brings grace, acceptance and a non-judgmental approach to all her interactions. Her energy, her spirit, make you feel comfortable and loved. She provided these same qualities in the healing ceremony. 

Participants expressed gratitude for the healing ceremony. They said things like, “the perfect way to end this time” and “I felt so comforted.” Heather acknowledged the community of people gathered, called on the Divine Feminine for support and acknowledge some’s struggles as a part of the journey, complete with healing. 

I would recommend Heather Elizabeth, without reservation, to facilitate any ceremony to honor one another and our connectedness.
— Erin, LCSW, Austin, TX
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Heather in designing and facilitating a yoga/wellness retreat. She brought so much to the table, not only for the attendees, but for me as well! Heather is the perfect balance of relatable, professional, mystical and knowledgeable. It was obvious that Heather put so much time, thought and love into preparing for our experience. Heather’s presence is extremely grounding and she does an incredible job of holding space for others. Heather is truly a breath of fresh air and a gift to everyone around her. I loved working with her and witnessing the magic she brought to our group — I enjoyed it so much that I can’t wait to collaborate again in the very near future!
— Risa, RYT, Denver, CO
Thank you for the awesome day out of time.

As I drove into Norfolk I realized I am not the same person that left a few days ago. I have a better understanding of who I am and the power to move forward.

I cannot put into words how each of you touch my heart and soul. My heart is filled with amazement and possibilities.

Love, blessings and infinite abundance
— Michelle, APRN and Owner of Diabetes and Wellness Clinic, Norfolk, NE
SUNrise Ceremonial CELEBRATION on North Padre Island, TX, HONORing the Leo New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse.

SUNrise Ceremonial CELEBRATION on North Padre Island, TX, HONORing the Leo New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse.