BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

WE are floating into this SUPER Libra New Moon on the waves of Monday's Equinox, which is GIFTing US an ample opportunity to REFINE our relationship to the experience of BALANCE in unprecedented ways.

If you were to place the 'doingness' of life on one side of a scale and the 'beingness' on the other, would the scale BE BALANCED or would ONE side 'outweigh' the other? If WE are BEing completely HONEST with ourSelves, I IMAGINE that the scale would BE tipped on the side of 'doingness' as that is given much value in our Western culture. As WE AWAKEN, WE REMEMBER that in order to 'do life well', WE must CREATE SPACE TO BE.

The Universe has been driving this home over the last decade and it seems as if humanity is beginning to catch on! On this New Moon, you are invited to solidify your commitment to the path of human BEingness. This is a path of PRESENCE with yourSelf that enCOURAGEs you to BE WILLING to wholeheartedly commit to your WELLNESS, come what may.

On this New Moon, pick up your sword of TRUTH and get real with yourSelf about how you would like to experience this PRECIOUS life of yours. If the scale of your life is overflowing with 'have tos', 'needs tos', and 'wish that I coulds', take a step to remove something that is stealing your JOY and replace it with something that SPARKS YOUR JOY. 

As each ONE of US CREATES BALANCE within ourSelves, WE will see BALANCE, EQUALITY, and INCLUSIVITY REFLECTed in our world...

Heather Elizabeth