BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Equinox BLESSINGS to US ALL! WE have arrived at a midway point within the seasons of our lives. On this SACRED day, ALL of Nature mirrors to US our capacity to take a DEEP BREATH and feel the contrasting aspects of the Self COME INTO BALANCE. The organic cycles of CREATION FLOW in this way and so can you, me, and WE.

As you allow what no longer serves to fall away, it CREATES SPACE for reBIRTH to EMERGE...When you CREATE SPACE to BE, you gain CLARITY as to what the next steps are to do...As you are willing to traverse the darkness, you DISCOVER YOUR LIGHT...This, Dear ONE, is the POWERFUL PATH of the AWAKENing Soul!

Take time today to CELEBRATE the Harvest of your AWAKENing journey, for you are receiving the bounty of the last decade of your Hero/SHEro's journey! All of the people, places, experiences, and opportunities that are before you are the MANIFESTATION of ALL of the seeds that you have planted over these last many years. As best you can, witness it ALL with a CURIOUS and GRATEFUL heart.

These are formative years that are setting the stage for the next millennia...Rest easy in the knowledge that you are a CONSCIOUS participant in a rEVOLution that is SHIFTing the entire trajectory of humanity's story...a SPIRITual rEVOLution based on BEing the LOVE that WE ARE...


Heather Elizabeth