BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

MIRACLES are born out of the ruins of tragedy...A MIRACLE may BE defined as 'a change in PERCEPTION.' For eons of time, humanity has been conditioned to perceive our reality through the lens of ancestral and societal conditioning, which tend to limit US to a 'timeline' that is not congruent to what is possible in the here and NOW.

The MIRACLE occurs when an experience catapults US into a place within our CONSCIOUSness in which WE REALIZE that WE have a choice in how WE relate to ourSelves and to ONE another. These experiences are life-altering, oftentimes turning everything upside down, so as to WAKE US UP to the potential to EVOLve that is before US...

Dear ONEs, WE have entered an Age in his/herstory that is infused with ONE opportunity after another to WAKE UP. As you know, once you have AWAKENed from the slumber of unconsciousness, there is no turning back. As a Collective, WE have reached the point of no return...WE are EVOLving our CONSCIOUSness at an unprecedented pace, which means that the dark aspects of humanity will continue to BE brought to the LIGHT to BE HEALED and TRANSFORMED...This is a key component of the SPIRITual rEVOLution that is at hand.

This Aquarian Full Moon is beckoning you to EMBRACE the TRUTH that humanity's redemption lies in the POWER of COOPERATION...the EMBODIMENT of ONENESS...When you open your heart to RECEIVE the PURIFYing medicine of the archetype of water-bearing Aquarius, you can feel the Collective power of what is occurring in the deepest recesses of your BEing. WE are defying the illusions of borders and barriers to UNITE for the good of the WHOLE. This is occurring within Circles of AWAKENing Souls across the planet. What would it BE like to turn your ATTENTION and INTENTION towards this MIRACLE?

Under the LIGHT of this Aquarian Full Moon, you are invited to RELEASE any illusions of separation that are weighing heavy on your heart. Give it up, for it is no longer relevant to the MIRACLE of what is possible NOW. There is no US and them...there is simply WE. 

Heather Elizabeth