BLESSINGS on this Leo New Moon!

"You get in life what you have the COURAGE to ask for."
-Oprah Winfrey, Kin 31 Blue Overtone Monkey

BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Our Lion-HEARTed Leo ally is guiding US through this New Moon gateway, which just so happens to BE the first New Moon of a new 13-year cycle. This New Moon is also occurring during the initiating week of the new Galactic year! The energy of reBIRTH is permeating throughout the Cosmos, showering you with an opportunity to claim what it is that you desire for yourSelf and the world with the SUPPORT of the COURAGEOUS LEADER within that the Leo archetype embodies.

The 'time' is ABUNDANTly ripe for you to CREATE INTENTIONs for this new chapter of your Hero/SHEro's journey. You are AWARE of what happens when you allow fear to dictate your life. NOW you get to CHOOSE differently. The twists and turns of your EVOLutionary journey have GIFTed you the AFFIRMation that you are able to navigate change and live to tell the tale of your EPIC adventures. NOW, you get to harness your WISDOM as you embark on what is sure to BE a CONSCIOUS path of enLIGHTenment.
The New Moon energies are converging with the turn of the wheel of Lammas on August 1st (Magnetic Moon Day 7, Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun). Lammas is the midway point between the June SOLstice and the September Equinox. In ANCIENT times, it was CELEBRATEd as the first harvest festival of the year.

As a way of CONSCIOUSly ALIGNing with this tradition, CREATE SPACE to REFLECT upon what you are 'harvesting' in your life at this 'time'. Give thanks for what is showing up for you as it is a REFLECTion of the seeds that you have planted in previous seasons. Look within and ask yourSelf if you are ready to claim the next EVOLution of what it is that your heart desires. The MANIFESTATION ground is oh so very fertile, Dear ONE. Let out your STRONGest roar and call it in!

Heather Elizabeth