BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

BLESSINGS on this Capricorn Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse!

Here WE are. WE have navigated our way through the auspicious July Eclipse season...Today's Capricorn Full Moon is the final Full Moon of the thirteen-year cycle that began in July of 2006. No WONDER it is BEing accompanied by an Eclipse!

You may have noticed that I have been mentioning this thirteen-year cycle quite a bit over the last several weeks. That is because it is HUGE. In ALL HONESTY, it is bigger than our minds can ever really conceive of, yet it is incredibly important to BE AWARE of. Thirteen represents the Feminine POWER of CREATION. The moonLIGHT of this Full Moon/Eclipse is focused upon what you have CREATEd for yourSelf over the EVOLution of these last thirteen years. If you are unclear as to what that is, BE the witness to who, what, when, and where is showing UP for you in this NOW moment. It is ALL a REFLECTion of the SACRED CREATION that is the masterpiece of your life. BE a witness to it ALL while TRUSTing that you are exactly where you are meant to BE in this moment of your Hero/SHEro's journey. ALL IS WELL...

From this place of ACCEPTANCE, you are enCOURAGEd to EMBRACE the kNOWing that the rest of your story is unwritten...The priceless pen is in your hands...What are you called to CREATE? The Cosmic reset button has been ACTivated. There are no limits to what is possible for you. DREAM BIG...

Heather Elizabeth