BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

INFINITE LOVE TO ALL on this BLESSED SOULstice! WE are joining hearts with BEings across time and space who pause to CELEBRATE the LIGHT on this SACRED day! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, WE are entering the height of the Summer season on this longest day of the year. Our SUN is the source of enLIGHTenment for each of US. On the POWER points of the year such as SOLstices, Equinoxes, and Eclipses, energetic upgrades are available to US that are SUPPORTing our EVOLution of CONSCIOUSNESS. 

There are countless meditations, ceremonies, and prayer vigils for PEACE that are occurring across the Planet today. These gatherings are AMPLIFYing the potency of this Cosmic moment on Mother Gaia. You are invited to participate in this collective INTENT by creating space to offer GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION to Mother Earth and the Earth that is within you, which is your physical body. Your body is going through MASSIVE changes just as ALL other aspects of yourSelf are. It is imperative to SUPPORT yourSelf through this ASCENSION gateway that WE are moving through.

A SOULstice ritual:

* Go outside to your favorite place to CONNECT with Nature. This can BE your yard, a neighborhood park, or wherever you are feeling GUIDED to BE.

*Once you reach your destination, lie on your back outside on Mother Earth. Begin to bring your AWAREness to your heart chakra which is located in the middle of your chest. Your heart chakra FLOWs around your body. Feel your heart CONNECTing with the heart of Mother Earth. Notice if you can feel the giving and receiving of energy that is occurring between you.

*As you place a hand over your heart, begin to feel waves of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION wash over you as you HONOR the gift of being alive in this PRECIOUS moment. YOU ARE HERE NOW. Bring AWAREness to your physical body and ALL that it does for you. If there are places within your body that are feeling discomfort or dis-ease, send the waves of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION to those places. Feel the HEALing energy from Mother Earth and Father SUN infuse your entire BEing with the frequencies of complete WHOLENESS. Allow yourSelf to BE in this experience as long as you are called to BE. 

*You may FEEL GUIDED to leave an offering for Mother Earth like flowers, tobacco, or a crystal. REMEMBER that you are ever CONNECTed to her and ALL life upon her. 

*When you feel complete, do something nurturing for yourSelf and your body, like eating a nutritious meal, taking a bubble bath, or going for a meditative walk. enJOY this SACRED time that you have CREATEd for yourSelf! 


Heather Elizabeth