BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

WE have arrived at a third of a triad of POTENT Full Moons that have catapulted US into the next stage of our SPIRITual rEVOLution. This TRANSFORMational Full Moon medicine began with the Good Friday/Passover Full Moon in Libra♎ back in April that FLOWed into the Wesak Scorpio Full Moon in May♏. WE are NOW being bathed in what is known as the Good Will Full Moon in Truth-Seeking Sag.♐ "The TRUTH will set US free' is the mantra of this SACRED Full Moon. The TRUTH is that LOVE is the bridge for HEALing the illusion of separation that is the culprit of the division that plagues humanity.

If you are paying attention, which if you are reading this then YOU ARE, this Full Moon will offer you an INITIATION that invites you to EMBODY the LOVE that you are in ways that you didn't know were possible. That is EVOLution, Dear ONEs. 'PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO WO/MEN'. The archetype of Sagittarius is known as the 'Truth Seeker', who is committed to REVEALing the higher SPIRITual laws that WE ALL adhere to. COMPASSION for ourSelves and ONE another holds the key to our LIBERATION.

As WE AWAKEN, WE REMEMBER that there is DIVINE ORDER within the Universe. It is no coincidence that this Good Will Full Moon is converging with the CELEBRATION of Father's Day. May this BE a Quantum leap in the healing journey of the Masculine as HE opens his heart to RECEIVE the LOVE and FORGIVENESS of his BELOVEd DIVINE FEMININE.

On this day, we collectively turn our attention to the POWERful impact of the Father. As WE do this, let US hold SACRED SPACE for the HEALing of the Masculine... With the Cosmic support of the TRUTH-SEEKing Full Moon upon US, WE pause for a moment to pay homage to the ONEs who dared to accept the roles, both spoken and unspoken, that HE carries. Throughout the last many moons, the LIGHT of illumination has brought a keen awareness of how the Masculine is crying out to be reUNITEd with his Feminine counterpart. The Fathers, Grandfathers, Great-Grandfathers, and beyond have been weighed down by the heaviness of the Patriarchy in ways that women can never know. The striving, the producing, and the competing may have left little space for many to connect with their LOVEd ONES in the ways that their hearts yearn for. The cultural conditioning that reinforces the expectation to stifle the urges to be vulnerable create roadblocks to intimacy. Yet WE can rest assured that on the deepest of levels, they INTEND to BE the best providers, protectors, mentors, and friends that they can possibly BE...

Today, I LIGHT a candle for all of the Fathers that are no longer in physical form. I LIGHT a candle for the Fathers whose work has caused them to LOVE their children from a distance. I LIGHT a candle for the Fathers who have traveled far and wide, family in tow, seeking to 'create a better life' for those they LOVE. I LIGHT a candle for the Fathers who have gone to extreme measures to PROTECT their LOVEd ONES from harm's way. I LIGHT a candle for the Fathers grieving the loss of a child, yet feel as if they need to hide their grief in order to be 'strong'. I LIGHT a candle for the Fathers who step up and say 'I AM WILLing' when GUIDEd to raise another Father's child. I LIGHT a candle for all of the Fathers who are breaking the ancient patterns of the disempowered Patriarchy through their AWAKENing journeys...I offer GRATITUDE for the lessons, the LOVE, and the tremendous possibilities that are PRESENT at this moment of our COLLECTIVE EVOLution...And so it IS.

Heather Elizabeth