"Hope is like the SUN. If you only believe in it when you can see it, you'll never make it through the night."
-Princess Leia Organa, General of the Resistance

BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

WE have arrived at the Mystical Moon of May. Within Esoteric Circles throughout time and space, May is felt to BE GRACEd with abundant opportunities to commune with our unseen allies who are guiding humanity through the EVOLutionary process. This is a moment within the journey in which WE are invited to lean into what can LIBERATE US from the shackles of the illusion of separation. WE begin this auspicious Moon with a New Moon in Taurus that offers US a DIVINE opportunity to RELEASE what no longer serves as WE CREATE SPACE to RECEIVE the BLESSINGS that SURROUND US.

Taurus has long been CELEBRATEd as an archetype that EMPOWERs you to revel in the POWER of EMBODIMENT. Ruled by the planet Venus aka Goddess of LOVE, Taurus reminds you that WONDER and AWE are SPIRITual virtues. You chose to BE HERE NOW to enJOY the pleasures of incarnation.

May you PAUSE to BEhold the MAJESTIC BEAUTY of Gaia... May you FEEL your heart expanding at the sound of GLOrious music...May you BREATHE in the scent of Jasmine as it BLOOMs...May you BE PRESENT as you EMBRACE your BELOVEd...May you SAVOR the taste of each bite of food that you take...To BE ALIVE is a SACRED GIFT not to BE taken for granted. On this New Moon, engage in the simple pleasures of this Earthly journey, for WE know that every moment is PRECIOUS...

P.S. I find it to BE MAGICal that the New Moon is converging with a day DEVOTED to HONORing ONE of the greatest stories of The Hero's Journey that has ever been told: Star Wars. It seems as if the Universe is encouraging you, me, and WE to answer our inner Hero/SHEro's call to adventure! Have you explored the EPIC adventure that is the SHINE Wizard Academy??! If not, NOW is the time! 


May the Force BE with US ALL,
Heather Elizabeth