BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Perhaps ONE of humanity's GREATest challenges at this moment of our EVOLutionary journey is to BE with ALL of the e-motions that WE have kept hidden for so very long. The repression of our Feminine nature has caused US to have arrested development in how WE navigate our internal GUIDANCE system. It is no secret that this stunted growth has thrown US off course, causing US to act out in ways that have caused suffering to ourSelves, ONE another, and our PRECIOUS planet...

Yet, that is ALL changing NOW...WE are reCLAIMing the power of e-motional intelligence, intuitive knowing, SACRED creativity, and COMPASSIONate ACTion. If WE pause to REFLECT upon how long it has taken US to arrive at this place in our journey, WE can recognize that EVOLution is a process...the SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS cannot happen overnight. As the LIGHT of SPIRITual AWAREness floods our planet, the shadows of the illusion of separation come to the surface. Thus, WE are asked to hold the space for it ALL...It is a GREAT deal to ask, I know, yet I can safely say that WE were born for this mission, Dear ONEs...

You fulfill this mission ONE step at a time, with the understanding that you have TREMENDOUS SUPPORT surrounding you. Full Moons are PROFOUND medicine for releasing, shedding, AND tapping into the POWER of your Feminine nature. Today's Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio is the second of a triad of Full Moons that CELEBRATE humanity's potential to BE THE LOVE THAT WE ARE. Scorpio takes you on a journey to the underworld of your Feminine subconscious to DISCOVER hidden treasures within the depths of your feeling nature. Scorpio invites you to ALIGN with your sexuality as a vehicle to experience intimacy with the DIVINE within you and another.

As a Collective, WE have been asked to sit with the shadows of this archetype this week as the LIBERATION of the Feminine is in the spotLIGHT once again. On this Full Moon, you are invited to experience the EMPOWERed aspect of this energy as millions across the planet CELEBRATE the path of enLIGHTenment of the Buddha through what is known as Wesak. Wesak is an annual CELEBRATION that occurs when the Moon is full and the SUN is in the zodiac sign of Taurus. It is an interdimensional gathering that HONORs the LOVE, COMPASSION, and GRACE that IS our true nature as DIVINE BEings.

By bringing this message into your AWAREness, you are GIFTing yourSelf a golden ticket to this INCREDIBLE event! Pay close attention to the messages, signs, synchronicities, and dreams that you experience over the next several days for they will BE affirmations for you of the MAGIC of the unfolding of your path of enLIGHTenment! 

Heather Elizabeth