"The GREATest Oak was once a little nut who held its GROUND."-Anonymous

BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

You may recall that as WE stepped through the doorway of 2019, I invited US to EMBRACE the possibility for this year to BE the 'Year of the Butterflies'. Over the last several years (and Eons of time) WE have been in the chrysalis, courageously moving through the metamorphosis of EVOLution. This journey is by no means over, yet you have reached new AWAREnesses within your CONSCIOUSness that gives you the capacity to truly take FLIGHT.

The Aries New Moon is medicine to remind you of your ability to SOAR when you fuel the FIRE of your Soul's PASSION. The season of Spring is in full swing. The energy of RENEWal and reBIRTH is PRESENT everywhere that you turn. Mother Nature is not shy in proclaiming her SACRED CREATIVE power. So, why are you? All that has been gestating within you for many moons is ready to burst forth in full BLOOM. 

The POTENCY of this New Moon EMPOWERs you to EMBODY your LIGHT.

Aries asks you, 'What do you stand for?' ' Are you WILLing to do and BE whatever it takes to FOLLOW the PATH of your HEART?' 'Don't you REMEMBER that you were born to FLY?'

Dear ONE, on this New Moon, know that you are capable of anything that you put your mind+heart to! May you EMBRACE this NOW moment to HARNESS your FOCUS, DETERMINATION, and PERSEVERANCE to stay the course. May you feel the ground beneath your feet, the wind at your back, the fire in your belly, and the cleansing waters of your creative intelligence that are SUPPORTing you in MANIFESTing your heart's desires. 

Heather Elizabeth