" 'Christ' states that those who see themselves as separate and not DIVINE hinder humanity's ability to spiritually EVOLve..."
-Barbara Marx Hubbard, Kin 73 Red Galactic Skywalker

BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Given the events that have unfolded this week, WE are all AWARE of the potency of the energies that WE are navigating. Our 'outer' world is reflecting the demise of old systems that are no longer in ALIGNment with the EVOLution of human consciousness. It is a challenging yet necessary road that WE are walking TOGETHER. For many of US, our 'inner' world is feeling chaotic as ancient feelings of unworthiness RISE to the surface to BE PURIFIED under the LIGHT of this Libra Passover Full Moon. Libra's medicine beckons US to come into BALANCE within ourSelves and ONE another. This is our second Full Moon in Libra this year...I do believe that the Cosmos are emphasizing where the inner and 'outer' work is needed.

As WE AWAKEn, WE recognize that there is precise and purposeful 'timing' that is an integral aspect of the order of the Universe...WE have the capacity to CHOOSE to CONSCIOUSly FLOW with that timing and EMBRACE this NOW moment to EVOLve.

Millions across the planet are recognizing this week as a 'HOLY' time. Countless people are participating in traditions, ceremonies, and rituals honoring death as a portal to salvation. The promise of the LIBERATION that occurs through the journey of resurrection and reBIRTH is palpable.

A Full Moon converging with these traditions is PROFOUND. For the first time in over 2,000 years, WE are experiencing a collective AWAKEning to the possibility of EMBODYing the ESSENCE of Christ Consciousness. The human-created illusions of separation are being torn down, revealing the TRUTH of our interconnectedness with ALL that is. There is no 'us' and 'them'...there is only WE.  Our task is to RELEASE RESISTANCE to the death of the old paradigms that are taking place within ourSelves and ONE another. With death comes grief...May WE DISCOVER our capacity to LOVE ONE ANOTHER through the grief process, so that WE may RISE TOGETHER in CELEBRATION of the BIRTH of a new Era of PEACE. May WE BE the COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE that our world is crying out for... 


Heather Elizabeth