BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

If you have been tuning in to the messages that are FLOWing through over these last few moons, you might have noticed a reoccurring 'theme'. The theme BEing the call to practice RADICAL Self-LOVE. This practice is RADICAL because it is rEVOLutionary. To BE DEVOTED to loving, nurturing, and caring for yourSelf is an act of reCLAIMing your innate worthiness. For many of US, to claim that WE ARE WORTHY feels like a quantum leap from where WE have been...and that is because it IS...WE are traveling uncharted territory...the road map from where WE have been to where WE are going is paved with embracing TRUTHs that have been long forgotten in human CONSCIOUSness...until NOW.

Watery Pisces as our ALLY for this New Moon invites US to put down the oars and float downstream for a while. As you set your New Moon INTENTions, call upon your IMAGINATION to CREATE a sense of what Self-COMPASSION would look like for you at this moment. If you are INSPIREd to, PLAY with this mantra:

'I AM WORTHY of ____'. 

Allow yourSelf to BE CURIOUS about what comes up. The head will probably have many arguments for why A, B, and C aren't possible because of D, E, and F. Allow the head to do its thing, take a breath (or several), and with a hand on your heart, repeat your mantra again and again until you can FEEL the VIBRATION of worthiness within your BEing. Dear ONE, this is a simple yet life-altering practice. Your BEing is consistently responding to the messages that you are telling yourSelf. BE KIND. BE GENTLE. BE COMPASSIONATE. BE the LOVE that you are and what you claim that you are WORTHY of is yours.



Heather Elizabeth