BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

WE are entering the HOLY days of the Equinox, in which ALL of creation is ushered into the energy of reBIRTH through BALANCE of dark/LIGHT, masculine/FEMININE, and past/PRESENT/future. For what feels like ages NOW, WE have been navigating an intense AWAREness of what is out of balance within our Collective CONSCIOUSness. WE NOW know that the path to enLIGHTenment is not for the faint of heart. The mere fact that you are here NOW, traversing this unprecedented EVOLutionary journey with the family of humanity speaks volumes about your commitment to the LIGHT. For this, you are CELEBRATEd by those who hold space for you as you take each SACRED step in ALIGNing with ALL that you are capable of BEing...


A Super Full Moon converging with the Equinox is POTENT medicine for US ALL to EMBRACE. You are enCOURAGEd to UNITE with the energetic upgrades from the Sun to fuel your INTENTions for your life. The Sun is an ALLY for the DIVINE MASCULINE within who takes ACTion to PROVIDE, PROTECT, and CLAIM your AUTHORITY of what is TRUE for you as you ALIGN with your mastery. 

You are EMPOWERed to RECEIVE the NURTURING PRESENCE of the Libra Super Full Moon to ENHANCE your capacity to tap in to your INTUITIVE GIFTS. The Moon is the embodiment of the DIVINE FEMININE within who ALIGNs with the POWER to CREATE by BEing in tune with E-MOTIONal INTELLIGENCE and INNER WISDOM to GUIDE your way to the FULFILLMENT of your DIVINE PURPOSE.


As you CONSCIOUSly tune in to what is possible at this NOW moment of our ASCENSION journey, may you feel the DIVINE UNION of the Masculine and Feminine within, SUPPORTing you in ALL ways. May you TRUST that you are capable of both the doing and the BEing that is needed to live a life of PURPOSE and MEANING. May you CELEBRATE your Soul's choice to BE HERE NOW, as a CONSCIOUS PARTICIPANT in the EVOLution of Mother Earth and ALL life upon her...


Heather Elizabeth