BELOVED Friend and Fellow Traveler,

In the SPIRIT of DIVINE timing, my New Moon offering is coming on the heels of yesterday's (Monday, February 4th/Resonant Moon Day 26, Kin 102 White Spectral Wind) New Moon in Aquarius. On a personal level, this New Moon unexpectedly hit me like a Cosmic hammer with a very unpleasant physical energetic clearing that might be defined in Western terms as a 'stomach bug'. In energetic terms, that 'bug' symbolized ways that I have felt disempowered/given my power away that have been shaken loose through last Moon's Eclipse season... Due to the MAGNITUDE of this experience, I IMAGINE that this clearing has been brewing over the last several Eclipse seasons!

Moving through the discomfort of this experience has led me to fully OPEN my HEART to ALIGN with the WISDOM of the medicine of this cycle, which I gratefully share with you...

Although some of US may BE continuing to experience Winter-like temperatures, here in the Northern Hemisphere WE have entered the BEginning of the season of Spring through the turn of the wheel of Imbolc, which is the midway point between the December SOLstice and March Equinox. The Aquarian New Moon has swept in to invite US to participate in the ritual of 'Spring Cleaning'. It is 'time' to clear out the clutter that has surfaced through your journey within the cave of the Self that Winter holds space for... 

Aquarius SUPPORTs you in clearing a pathway for you to creatively express the PASSIONs of your SOUL. Gone are the days of relying on dogmatic ideals to dictate to you your TRUTH. The AWAKENing journey is ONE in which you get to have direct experiences of the DIVINE that lives within you. 

I invite you to enter this Spring Cleaning process through the eyes of the nurturing, compassionate, loving PRESENCE that you are. Call upon your allies, both seen and unseen, to SUPPORT you in your endeavors.

Possible ways to engage in your Spring Cleaning ritual are:

1) CREATE Journaling/Art/Music that expresses your INTENTions for yourSelf and your life's path. Go BEyond the 'resolutions' and 'shoulds'/'have to's'. What is it that sets your Soul on fire? If you don't know, ask yourSelf that question and BE STILL and LISTEN for the answer.

2) CREATE SPACE for MINDFUL MOVEMENT through yoga/dance/Tai Chi/Chi Qong. BE PRESENT with how your body is speaking to you.

3) Participate in the new paradigms of therapy like energy medicine, group ceremony, and psychoSPIRITual counseling to facilitate CONSCIOUS ALIGNMENT with mind, body, e-motions, and Soul.

The waters of CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE are washing over humanity, TRANSFORMing competition into COOPERATION, doubt into TRUST, and the illusion of separation into a RETURN to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS...Feel yourSelf BEing bathed in ILLUMINATION...


BLESSINGS for this Chinese New Year of the Earth Boar! May abunDANCE, PROSPERITY, and CHEERfulness ABOUND for US ALL!


Heather Elizabeth