BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

From my HEART to yours, I AM sending GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION to you for BEing on this journey with me! WE are ALL in the midst of integrating the INTENSITY of the RESET energies of the recent Eclipses. Although the actual Eclipses have ended, the energies are still PRESENT within our Collective CONSCIOUSness. WE are NOW navigating what might BE called the 'fallout' of the Eclipses. I prefer to ALIGN with the term 'OPPORTUNITIES', for it offers US the invitation to REMEMBER that these energies are BENEVOLENT and are SUPPORTing US in our ASCENSION process. 

I AM GUIDED to share a dream that I experienced the night of the Leo Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse. It was nothing short of PROFOUND, and has shaken me to my core, in the best possible way... In my dream state, I was visited by a gathering of many different species of birds who were initially resting on a branch of a tree outside of the window of a room that I was sitting in. The birds soon shapeshifted into indigenous women who told me that they were 'The Grandmothers'. They joined me in the room that I was in and WE sat in a Circle in which they proceeded to share their WISDOM with me. I don't remember what they said, yet another part of the dream planted a HOLY seed for me to ALIGN with their message...

The only other part of the dream that I remember is of me walking down a dirt road to DISCOVER a large black feather. It was the largest feather that I have ever seen. It had the energy of a vulture, yet I knew that its ESSENCE was from another BEing...

I awoke the next morning with the word 'Condor' in my head. I felt energy FLOWing throughout my BEing as the prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor immediately came into my CONSCIOUSNESS. I had not thought of this prophecy in many years. My GUIDANCE assured me that this is what 'The Grandmothers' had come to remind me of. The Condor feather that was GIFTed to me in my dream was a token of GRATITUDE for walking the path of the FEMININE HEART... 

As I have continued to INTEGRATE this dream, I sense that the message for US ALL is to CHOOSE to BE in a space of TRUST that the fulfillment of the prophecy IS occurring! Despite outer appearances, WE are finding our way back into BALANCE of the DIVINE MASCULINE (Eagle) and DIVINE FEMININE (CONDOR). The path to UNIFYing these aspects of ourSelves is through COMPASSION, COOPERATION, and COLLABORATION. 

WE are a part of a PHENOMENAL BIRTHing of a New Age on our BELOVEd Mother Earth...Stay the course and kNOW that you are LOVEd, HONORed, and CELEBRATEd! 

"WE are the ONES WE have been waiting for"


Heather Elizabeth