BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Agreements are interesting things. Humans pay close attention to the agreements that WE make through 'legal' contracts that are signed, yet WE rarely explore the agreements that WE are conditioned to make unconsciously, as WE take on the belief systems of our families, communities, and cultures. WE even carry these agreements forward from our ancestors from long ago. WE tend to adhere to these agreements even when they cause US undue suffering.

For a very LONG time, WE have unconsciously agreed to beliefs that have built energetic barriers to experiencing the Self-LOVE, Self-WORTH, and AUTHENTIC CONNECTION that WE yearn for. However, NOW that is all changing...

As a family of humanity, WE have been in process of making the unconscious agreements CONSCIOUS. This is a process that has been decades in the making. It has been full speed ahead ever since the Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017. Do you remember what was unfolding within you during that time? Can you describe the EVOLution that has occurred within you since then? 


The Leo Super Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse that is occurring today, January 20th (Resonant Moon Day 11, Kin 87 Blue Solar Hand) is the Yin to the Yang of the Leo New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017. rEVOLutionary REVELATIONs are BEing REVEALed to you. Please CREATE the SPACE to BE STILL and RECEIVE. What new CONSCIOUS agreements are you, me, and WE BEing called to CREATE?

There is a gigantic Cosmic marquee pointing US in the direction of RADICAL SELF-LOVE and EMBODIMENT of the INNER STRENGTH and RESILIENCE that have always been there. The barriers to a direct experience of these DIVINE VIRTUES are disappearing, because they were always only an illusion...A figment of the mind games that fear-based b.s. (belief systems) like to entice you into believing...Well, the gig is up. Time to own your inherent VALUE that is your DIVINE BIRTHright. Time to recognize the inherent VALUE of ALL human BEings. May this BE a new agreement that WE make to ourSelves...May this BE a new agreement that WE make with ONE another...


Heather Elizabeth