BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

If you are feeling 'super-charged', energetically 'wiped', or all of the above, you are vibing with the trifecta ACTivations of the September Equinox+Aries Full Moon+Solar Flares! This is quite the concoction of Cosmic medicine that is guiding US into a new Season of our EVOLutionary journeys! It is 'time' to REAP the BLESSINGS of all of the initiatory passages that you have navigated over these last many moons. I know that it hasn't been easy, yet here you are to tell the story of your Hero/SHEro's adventures! You've got fiery Aries to back you up in CLAIMing the medicine of your Harvest. Under the LIGHT of the Harvest Full Moon, RECEIVE the BOUNTY of your harvest with an OPEN HEART. You have worked hard for this! ALLOW the Universe to surprise you with the MAGICal ways that your INTENTions are MANIFESTing at this NOW moment. 

If you CREATEd an INTENTion list for 2018, I enCOURAGE you to revisit it during this Full Moon time. Is there anything that gets to BE revised? How are you called to CELEBRATE what has already MANIFESTed? What is something that you can gift to yourSelf in HONOR of how you have been WILLing to 'show-up' for yourSelf during this INCREDIBLE year of 2018 thus far? Your path is ILLUMINATEd by the WISDOM that you have gained during your EVOLutionary travels...NOW is the 'time' to access it...


Heather Elizabeth