BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

How can 17 years have passed since that fateful day? I know that WE all are keenly AWARE of exactly what WE were doing when WE heard the news. Perhaps some of US were in New York that day, experiencing firsthand the devastation and destruction that would forever change the lives of humanity. For the last 17 years, this day has enveloped our consciousness...the shock and heartbreak perhaps BEcoming manageable, yet never leaving our AWAREness. This year, I have been REFLECTing upon the children who were born during that time. They are now approaching adulthood. How have their lives been shaped by the events of 9/11? What have they learned about humanity and how WE take care of ONE another? I BElieve that many of these children are INSPIREd to do and BE a positive change in the world. They see what does harm and are choosing differently. I WONDER how WE can learn from them as WE continue to move through this EVOLutionary time upon Mother Earth. 

As WE remember the lives that were sacrificed, let US solidify our vow to SEEK our common BE the LOVE and PEACE that WE yearn for ourselves and our world...


Heather Elizabeth