BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Every August 8th opens up a 'gateway' from Mother Earth to the Cosmos, specifically the Sirius star system. If you are a Cosmic History buff like me, you are probably aware that the ancient pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, and Peru (to name a few), were meticulously constructed to BE in ALIGNment with the Cosmos at certain POWER moments on Planet Earth, such as the SOLstices and Equinoxes. 8/8 is ONE of those moments in 'time' in which Earth is BEing ACTivated. Today the Giza pyramid in Egypt is directly receiving a TRANSMISSION of LIGHT from Sirius! WE can PERCEIVE this as a 'bat signal' from the Cosmos! As WE are BEing guided by the archetype of Leo, the invitation to walk the path of the Lion-HEARTed PEACEful Warrior is amplified. This Lion's Gate is leading US to our 3rd Eclipse of this Summer, which is occurring on this Saturday, August 11th, with none other than the LEO New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse. To SUPPORT US in harnessing the POTENTIAL of embodying the HEART of a Lion, I AM guided to share with you the Oath of the SPIRITual Warriors that I CREATEd in honor of the choice to BE BRAVE, RESILIENT, and DETERMINED in the quest to SHINE the LIGHT within the dark...

The Oath of the SPIRITual Warriors

*WE are ready, able, and willing to be seen, be heard, and to ‘show-up’ as the peacemakers, way showers, light workers, teachers, artists, and healers that WE are.


*WE intend to foster the divine marriage within, balancing the masculine and feminine energies that are a part of all of creation.


*WE keep our ‘armor’ that is the sacred chakra system clear of lower vibrations that are a hindrance to experiencing wellness of mind/body/emotions/and spirit.


*WE ARE Earth. WE are Fire. We are Water…WE are Wind... 


*WE are champions for the return of respect and reverence for all life.


*WE align mind, heart, and will as the sacred trinity of embodying the light.


*WE embrace this rEVOLutionary time upon the planet, trusting the natural process of breakdowns that occur to create space for breakthroughs.


*WE practice sacred reciprocity in recognition that WE are stewards of Mother Earth.


*Our rEVOLutionary weapons are loving kindness, compassionate action, and radical forgiveness for SELF and others.


*WE call upon the ancestors, guides, angels, and ascended masters to aid us in our quest of manifesting peace upon planet Earth.


*WE create space for stillness that creates a pathway for right action.


*WE choose LOVE over fear.


*”WE are the ONES WE have been waiting for…”


Heather Elizabeth