BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Pat yourSelf on the back, give yourSelf a HUGE hug, or high-5 BEcause you've almost made it through this Summer's Eclipse Season! WE are RECEIVING deep bows of RESPECT from the Universe through the energies of today's, Saturday, August 11th,  Leo New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse. In reality, this Cosmic acknowledgment is spanning across TIME and SPACE in its CONNECTion to what has unfolded over the last 31 years! The Galactic ALIGNment of today's Eclipse mirrors that of the Harmonic Convergence of August 16th, 1987! In case you aren't quite sure of what the Harmonic Convergence was, it was the 1st organized world-wide meditation for PEACE and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. BEcause of the power of COLLECTIVE INTENT, it is thought to have been a tipping point that has guided US into the age of higher CONSCIOUSness that is MANIFESTing on Mother Earth. Today, millions of people around the world are coming together to ALIGN with the potential that this moment holds for the future of humanity. 

If you are called to join in on this UNIVERSAL endeavor, I INVITE you to CREATE SPACE for stillness with a focus on holding the vibration of LOVE for Self and others. As you place a hand over your heart, you might bring to mind a way or ways that you have been brave over these last several weeks or even years. What have you accomplished that you never thought was possible? How have you 'shown-up' for yourSelf even when it felt very difficult to do so. NOW is the time to offer yourSelf LOVE and COMPASSION for all that you have endured. As you feel this vibration FLOWing through your body, bring to mind how you have witnessed 'other' people in your life BEing brave. What acts of LOVING KINDNESS have you been BLESSED to BEhold? Allow yourSelf to dive deep into the experiences of meaning and CONNECTion that have been a part of your journey. IMAGINE this vibration expanding 1000 fold as you recognize that there are millions of people across the world that are pausing to hold the vibration of LOVE, too. Rest in the peace that comes with knowing that WE are BEing the change that WE wish to see in the world...And so it IS.! A BLESSED New Moon! May the LIGHT of Source burn bright within US ALL! 


Heather Elizabeth