BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

WE are stepping through the doorway of this Summer's Eclipse Season. Eclipses herald a time of GRAND RESET...DIVINE ALIGNMENT...Traditionally WE experience Eclipses in pairs. On RARE occasions, WE experience them in a TRINITY. Well, guess what?! WE are embarking on one of those RARE occasions...I AM GRATEFUL to share with you some REFLECTions for the journey ahead...

This is what my journey of AWAKENing continues to teach me...The path of EVOLution is AWE-INSPIRING... Heart-breaking WIDE open... MAGICal...Maddening...Exhilarating... Shadow dancing... LIBERATING... "The Soul unfolds itSelf like a lotus of countless petals". These words by Kahlil Gibran have been with me for many years. Their meaning continues to deepen as I delve into the deep recesses of my BEing to reDISCOVER my multi-dimensionality while I HONOR my humanity...

WE are remembering, with each MINDFUL moment, that WE are vast beyond measure.WE remember that there is a magnificent and luminous CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE that FLOWS throughout all of creation from the tiniest creature to the INFINITE Cosmos. ALL is ONE. ALL is CONNECTed. WE remember that there is nothing to fear. WE are LOVE. LOVE is the real and only truth. ONE by ONE, WE are releasing the shackles of the illusion of separation and the attachment to suffering. WE are celebrating the gift of BEing EMBODIED in the Golden Age. WE REJOICE in this giant leap in our Souls' EVOLution...

Here are some tools to keep in mind for the upcoming Eclipse Season and BEyond:

*Keep the body moving with regular exercise. Our physical bodies are shifting with these energies. Nurture it with nutritional food, hydration, and LOVE.

*Create space for stillness with meditation, prayer, and focusing in on the breath.

*Allow yourSelf to explore creative expression through journaling, art, music, and/or movement. We ALL are creative BEings with unique gifts to share!

*Connect with Mother Earth. Spend time taking walks, swimming, or napping under a tree. The Earth's energies are shifting and when we consciously connect with her we are able to stay grounded and feel how UNITEd WE truly are with her and all of her creation.

*Nurture yourSelf with bodywork and/or energy medicine. NOW is prime 'time' to RECEIVE guidance in releasing what no longer serves. Remember that YOU DESERVE the LOVE and care that you give to others.

*BE in COMMUNITY. I AM offering opportunities to gather in CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY both in person and virtually. Your PRESENCE is ALWAYS welcome...

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 11th, on the Eve of the Cancer New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse, I will be sharing 6 key tools for shifting from survival mode to THRIVING. You will BE EMPOWERED to navigate these tumultuous times with EASE and GRACE. You will leave the gathering with clarity about your healing path while FEELing INSPIRED and RENEWed with a clear VISION of how you can CREATE a life of meaning where LOVE reigns. You will feel SUPPORTed and SAFE to EXPLORE the bigger picture of what is occurring in our world in a community of like-minded people who are committed to BEing a positive change! How awesome is that?!

I will be sharing the tools from a holistic framework that recognizes the CONNECTion of mind+body+e-motions+Spirit. All backgrounds are HONORed and ACCEPTed! Come as you are! 


Heather Elizabeth