BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

WE have crossed the threshold of the SOLstice gateway. Over the next 3 days, WE are RECEIVING an influx of LIGHT that holds the medicine to RAISE our COLLECTIVE VIBRATION to the fulfillment of our EVOLutionary POTENTIAL. When the LIGHT SHINES BRIGHT, the dark can no longer remain hidden...All that is occurring in our 'reality' is indicative of this truth...Intergenerational patterns of oppression, fear, abuse, and domination cannot withstand the power of the LIGHT. Thus they are coming out from behind the crevices of our CONSCIOUSNESS to BE SEEN. NOW, WE get to CHOOSE...Do WE meet it at its present disempowered vibration or do WE invite it to BE TRANSFORMed by the vibration of LOVE? Notice where you are resting in this choice... LOVE or fear? 

May WE choose to BE the LIGHT of LOVE that WE are. A BLESSED SOLstice to ALL!


If you are SEEKing a safe and upLIFTing place to EXPLORE the POTENTIAL of this SOLstice time, you are WELCOME to join US for our SOLstice CELEBRATION at the Serrano Sanctuary, Thursday, June 21st from 6-8:30 P.M.! Please CLICK HERE to register for the CELEBRATION!


Heather Elizabeth