BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Do you seek to discover the place within yourSelf where BEing and doing collaborate? Where ACTion and RECEPTIVITY UNITE? Where Divine Masculine inner authority dances in HARMONY with Divine Feminine trust? On this Gemini New Moon, OPEN your MIND to IMAGINE that this IS possible...this BALANCE that you seek. It IS the new paradigm that is available to ALL of those who are WILLing to walk through uncharted territory. Yet know that you do not walk alone, for there are millions who walk next to you. WE are ready to BLAZE the trail...As WE cross the threshold of the Solstice, in your mind's eye, IMAGINE your HIGHest VISION for yourSelf... BE STILL and LISTEN to what the next best step to take is to MANIFEST your VISION ...NOW let the Universe know that you mean business and take...that...step...WE are right there with you...

P.S. Have you tuned into the 13-day Facebook Live CONSCIOUS conversation focused on navigating our e-motional nature from an EMPOWERed place? It's not too late to join the conversation!  


Heather Elizabeth