"The great gift of the energy of the Summer Solstice is that it is designed to move you from one phase to the next on your own terms..."---Deborah King

Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

I AM inviting you to join me in CONSCIOUS conversation about an often difficult, yet extremely important HUMAN experience...navigating mental and e-motional dis-ease. After learning about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's deaths by suicide this past week, many of US are feeling deeply saddened and shocked. Not only will WE miss their physical PRESENCE in the world, it is difficult to understand why two people who were so BELOVEd and seemed to have it 'all' could be dealing with heartbreak and despair so devastating that they no longer could endure it...

Those of US who have immersed ourSelves in the world of e-motional and mental health know that this is not a new challenge for humanity to journey through. Yet perhaps the 'time' has come for US to decide to CREATE new agreements about how WE relate to our feeling nature. Perhaps it is time to dissolve the stigma around mental and e-motional dis-ease once and for all...

Through the promptings of my INTUITION along with the energies of the upcoming Solstice, this past Friday, June 8th, I began a 13-day Facebook live series opening up the conversation about shattering the shame around our feeling nature, in all of the forms that it comes in. The 13-day live series will come to a close on Wednesday, June 20th with a Summer Solstice Celebration at the Serrano Sanctuary on Thursday, June 21st from 6-8:30 p.m. (please see below for details about the Solstice Circle). If you are called to, please join in the conversation by sharing your thoughts and feelings about this SACRED topic. ALWAYS REMEMBER that YOU ARE LOVEd...

In the Northern Hemisphere, WE are honoring the longest day of the year, known as the Summer Solstice. This is a CELEBRATION of the LIGHT that SHINES upon US and within US, even when WE are traversing the darkness. 

During our Circle, you will BE invited to SLOW down and bask in the LIGHT of this POWERFUL time through:

*Exploring and REFLECTing upon 2018 thus far through group discussion, guided meditation, and contemplative writing.

*Learning about the upcoming Eclipses and how to CONSCIOUSly work with their energy to SUPPORT your TRANSFORMATION.

*Channeling your JOYful and PLAYful Essence through the music of the BELOVEd Bob Marley.

*Expressing your CREATIVE Self through music and movement in our community Drum Circle.

The Sanctuary doors open at 6:00. The Circle will BEgin at 6:30. To participate in the Circle, please register with an energy exchange of $33.30 CLICKING HERE

Please feel free to bring your drum or any musical instruments!

Let US flow into Mid-Summer with OPEN HEARTS and PEACEFUL Minds!
"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds..."
---Bob Marley, Kin 134 White Self-Existing Wizard


Heather Elizabeth