beLOVED Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Thousands of people today are focusing their attention and INTENTion upon the SACRED path of the Mother. If you pause for a moment to feel into that, it is incredibly powerful and so very needed during this critical time of humanity's EVOLution. As our consciousness continues to EVOLve, WE recognize the importance of embracing ALL aspects of how the Mother is embodied. It is CRUCIAL to our survival to revere her as she RISES and reCLAIMs her place as the supreme nurturer who offers compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love to all.

Today I light a candle for all of the Mothers across time and space... I honor the Great Mother Earth, who selflessly provides for us and gifts to us an exquisite home to experience this human journey upon... I honor the Mother Goddess, who has patiently awaited the time that we would remember HER... I honor the Mothers who are no longer in physical form... I honor the Mothers who work two and even three jobs so that their children can have the opportunities that were not available to them when they were children... I honor the Mothers who are grieving the loss of a child... I honor the Mothers who are grieving the loss of not having a child... I honor the Mothers who have courageously taken on the responsibility of raising another Mother's child...I honor the Mothers who selflessly relinquished their children to the care of another...I honor the Mother Essence that lives within ALL of humanity... May WE CELEBRATE the TRUTH that the day of the Mother has become the Age of the Mother...And so it IS...

Heather Elizabeth