Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Are you feeling the pull of the Scorpio Full Moon? You may BE noticing, that E-motions are especially intense...dreams are extremely vivid...habitual ways of being are coming forth from the shadows of the subconscious, beckoning you to look them in the is the ego's nature to become resistant to the Soul's urging to EVOLve through bringing the shadows to LIGHT...allow yourSelf to LET GO of the lower mind's urgent call to run and hide...DIVE DEEP...this Full Moon is a HOLY one.

Tomorrow's Full Moon in Scorpio is known as Wesak or the Buddha Moon. Wesak is an annual Celestial event CELEBRATING the path of enLIGHTenment that the Buddha EMBODIED during his time upon the planet. This is a convergence of all the SPIRITual pathways in recognition that there is ONE benevolent force that flows throughout ALL. With each passing year, the ASCENSION of Mother Earth and all life upon her reach new heights. IMAGINE this year's CELEBRATION after all that has unfolded since last year's Buddha Full Moon! I wholeheartedly invite you to CONSCIOUSly participate in this MOMENTOUS event!


Heather Elizabeth