Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Today, WE are flowing into a NURTURING New Moon time after an intensely action-packed week. As WE awaken, WE remember the necessity of balancing doing and BEing. Today you are invited to BE. The archetype of Pisces, fondly known as 'The Ocean', is dancing with the Sun and the Moon today, beckoning you to dive deep into your healing journey. Healing doesn't indicate that there is something 'wrong'. Healing creates the space for a rememberment that YOU ARE WORTHY of love and acceptance exactly as you are. When you peel back the layers of pain and suffering, you discover that what lies underneath is a priceless treasure that is the unique Essence of you. YOU are the pearl within the oyster... the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...the MAGNIFICENT diamond in the rough. 

Your 'Spring cleaning' practice on this Pisces New Moon is to create space, preferably outside in Mother Nature, to BE still for a few moments. I invite you to close your eyes, place a hand on your heart, and begin to focus on your breath. As you breathe, begin noticing what is going on within you. Continue to breathe, allowing yourself to BE present with what you are feeling. You can imagine that you are swimming in the ocean or adrift in a boat on the sea. Feel the calming waters rocking you back and forth. Feel yourself floating. Notice how you are not resisting the motion of the waters. You are allowing the water to carry you to where you are meant to BE. If it resonates, you can begin to offer yourSelf supportive mantras such as,"I AM whole.", "I AM connected.", "I AM loved.", "I accept mySelf.", "I AM supported." Continue to rest in this space as long as you are able to...When you feel complete, it would serve to write down a few thoughts about your experience or perhaps draw, paint, dance, or create music about it. Honor yourSelf for BEing in ALIGNMENT with the medicine of this New Moon!

If you are called to continue to explore your path of HEALING and WHOLENESS, I AM honored to BE a guide on your journey of AWAKENING...To schedule a session with me, please CLICK HERE


Heather Elizabeth