Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Are you feeling called to organize, prioritize, and get your 'ducks in a row'? Are you yearning to dispel experiences of feeling scattered in order to CREATE space for CLARITY? If so, then you are BEing pulled by the medicine of today's Full Moon in Virgo! Virgo nudges you to come up for air from the perceived chaos that is occurring in the collective to FOCUS on the task at hand. This energy can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are 'juggling' many different responsibilities. Virgo mirrors to you, "You are a PHENOMENAL BEing, equipped with the ABILITY TO RESPOND to what fuels your PASSIONS and BRIGHTENS your LIGHT!"

In the Spirit of harnessing the BLESSINGS of this Full Moon, I invite you to join me in taking several DEEP BREATHS. Breathe in the ESSENCE of CLARITY...Breathe out confusion...Breathe in ALIGNMENT...Breathe out overwhelm...Breathe in INSPIRATION...Breathe out discouragement...I now invite you to place a hand over your heart and RECONNECT with your INTENTIONS for 2018...What is one thing that you can do today to take a step toward the manifestation of your heart's intent? You are INFINITELY SUPPORTED in the FULFILLMENT of your HEART'S DESIRES. FEEL yourSELF taking FLIGHT as you SOAR TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS! 


Heather Elizabeth