Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Have you ever been to a bookstore and had a book symbolically (or perhaps literally!) jump off of the shelf at you?! Well, I find that to be one of the MYRIAD of ways that the Universe sends you/me/WE messages. This very experience happened to me yesterday with Elizabeth Gilbert's gift of wisdom 'Big Magic'. This book has been orbiting me since she released it, yet yesterday was THE day that it landed in my eager hands and receptive HEART. Perfect DIVINE timing (of course!), as I launch the High Vibe SHINE Tribe this week, which is a GIGANTIC HEART and SOUL INSPIRATION in my ever EVOLving path of service. As Liz affirms wholeheartedly and humorously, it takes IMMENSE COURAGE to breathe life into your CREATIVE VISIONS. The call to live a brave life involves BEing vulnerable, transparent, and AUTHENTIC. It asks you to SHOW-UP in your MAGNIFICENCE that only YOU are able to do and BE...

At this time in our rEVOLutionary journey, the call to live a BRAVE life is loud and CLEAR. Let us heed the call TOGETHER! Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 6th from 7:30-8:45 p.m. CST, join like-minded Seekers who are committed to RAISING THE VIBRATION of the planet for the VIRTUAL launch of the High Vibe SHINE Tribe. During this gathering, you will learn about the mission of SHINE (Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution) and how YOU are an integral part of it!  You will ALIGN with 3 key themes for 2018 that will SUPPORT you in staying out of fear and in the VIBRATION OF LOVE. You will receive GUIDANCE and INSIGHT into what lies before us from a HIGH VIBE place that focuses on PEACEFUL POSSIBILITY vs. detrimental division. 

IMAGINE CONSCIOUSLY CONNECTING with HEART-CENTERED Souls from all over the world, as WE ACTIVATE one another into the next EVOLution of how to 'BE THE CHANGE'. As soon as you register, you will receive an email with access to an audio recording of a drum journey and guided meditation + other fun tools to play with during the Eclipse Season! You can register for the gathering through an energy exchange of $11.11 by CLICKING HERE

Even if you aren't able to be live with us (although I SO hope that you can be!), your registration gifts you access to the recording of the gathering. You don't want to miss BEing a part of the launch of this INCREDIBLE VISION! 

Thank you for BEing on this journey with me!


Heather Elizabeth