"Happiness can BE found in the darkest of times when ONE only remembers to turn on the light..."---Albus Dumbledore

Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

With the increase of intensity that is occurring in our world these days, WE are all seeking ways to ELEVATE our consciousness and CONNECT WITH THE BIGGER PICTURE of the unfolding of humanity's journey. WE can see that the old ways of perceiving ourselves and one another are no longer working. WE yearn to FEEL EMPOWERED in who WE are and why WE are here. WE look for inspiration from the characters in our great stories of the Hero/SHEro's quest, often not recognizing that there is a hero/SHEro that lives within, eager to be activated! 

Within the 13 Moon Dreamspell map of synchronicity, today begins the 13-day cycle of the archetype of the Wizard who REFLECTS your capacity to enchant with the 'spells' that you cast with your words. The Wizard REMINDS you that at your core, you are DESIGNED to BE RECEPTIVE to the DIVINE within and around you. The cycle of the Wizard ACTIVATES you into a REMEMBERMENT of the TIMELESSexistence of the Soul.

As a Modern Day Wizard myself, this time in the 13 Moon calendar always brings me great JOY and ABUNDANT opportunities to wave my wand and sprinkle some magic! I AM thrilled to share that for the next 13 days, I am offering Galactic Archetype Activation Intuitive readings for 1/2 off of the regular investment. Your Galactic Archetype is based upon your birthday and is a PROFOUND doorway into knowing who you TRULY are and why you are here. There are 260 different archetypes, thus it is a uniquely HIGH VIBE perspective into understanding yourself on the deepest of levels. I unite my counseling background with my intuitive understanding of this sacred lineage to offer you an enlightening experience of reuniting with this archetypal imprint that you hold.   By saying 'YES!' to a reading, you are stepping into:

*Aligning with your purpose
*Feeling motivated
*Experiencing life with ease and child-like wonderment
*Harnessing your courage
*Believing in yourself
*Attracting beautiful relationships in all areas of your life
*Creating harmony in your life
*Finding compassion for worldly happenings that seem beyond your control

*Experiencing a heart knowing that you are here for a reason and have gifts to share with the world.

and this is only the beginning...I AM incredibly passionate about these readings because I know first hand how life-changing it is to remember your Soul's blueprint-eSPECIALly at this PIVOTAL TIME in our rEVOLutionary journey. It awakens a SACRED part of yourSelf and puts you on a path to living an AUTHENTIC and JOYFUL life! 

I will be offering these readings for this discounted rate for a short time, so be sure and seize the moment! Once you invest, you can schedule your reading anytime in 2018, yet WHY WAIT?! Upon receiving your investment, I will immediately send you a POWERFUL video that I have created that introduces you to the magic of the 13 Moon Dreamspell. As a gift from my heart to yours, you will RECEIVE a bonus PDF that I created called 'The Wizard's Oath'. This is a 13-day program that will UPLIFT you to RECLAIM YOUR MAGIC! We can then create the space for your activation into your inner hero/SHEro! To take advantage of this discounted reading, please CLICK HERE


Heather Elizabeth