Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

WE are dancing with Divine Timing as WE approach the Aquarian New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse this Thursday, February 15th. Despite the challenges of our rEVOLutionary journey, the whole world is CELEBRATING through the gathering of the Olympics in sync with Mardi Gras today that flows into Valentine's Day tomorrow. As WE lean into the EXPANSION that is present with the Eclipse Season, WE are witnessing a convergence of opportunities to come together in the name of LOVE and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. SPIRITual EVOLution reminds us that LOVE is a verb, a way of BEing, a HIGH VIBRATION...It is who WE are at our core...

You are invited to celebrate LOVE on one of the most POWERFUL days of 2018 with the High Vibe SHINE Tribe. All those who join the Tribe get to participate in the LIVE Virtual Ceremonial Circle and Activation on this Thursday, February 15th from 7-8:00 p.m. CST. The Circle will be recorded and accessible to all members on the private members' page! You can learn more about the High Vibe SHINE Tribe AND join the CELEBRATION by CLICKING HERE


Heather Elizabeth