BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

The final New Moon of 2018 is upon US. As a SUN Sagittarian mySelf, I must admit that I BEcome VERY excited whenever the archetype of Sagittarius is dancing with La Luna! There truly is a Science to Astrology. Anyone who has explored the Cosmic aspects surrounding their BIRTH can vouch for that! The archetypes within our collective CONSCIOUSness arrive at the DIVINE perfect time to SUPPORT our SPIRITual growth. As WE bring 2018 to a close, the Truthseeking Sag archer is LIGHTing the New Moon pathway in the most PURPOSEful of ways.

What have your arrows of INTENTion been pointing towards during 2018, Dear One? NOW is an opportune 'time' to BE REFLECTing on key themes of this Master (2+0+1+8=11) year. Our Sag ally is beckoning you to dig deep below the surface of your experiences to uncover the 'hidden' truths of how you have EVOLved this year, BEcause I assure you, you have! I IMAGINE that you have discovered just how COURAGEOUS, RESILIENT, and DETERMINED you really are. The EVOLutionary road is abundant with twists, turns, bumps, and bruises, yet wherever it is you are along your journey, you are enLIGHTened to aspects of yourSelf that eluded you this time last year. NOW, that's something to CELEBRATE!

This IS a New Moon, so the energy is ripe for INTENTion-setting for the holidays AND 2019! Saggitarius is ALL about adventure, so how can you bring a bit more EXPANSION into your experience? BE CURIOUS. Remember how brave you are, so let your IMAGINATION run rampant with the possibilities! They are INFINITE! "Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the STARS." New Moon BLESSINGS from my heart to yours!

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Heather Elizabeth