BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

There is a BEAUTIFUL convergence of SPIRITual traditions that are occurring today! Today, December 2nd (Overtone Moon Day 18, Kin 38 White Crystal Mirror) is the BEginning of Advent within the Christian/Catholic pathways AND the Jewish CELEBRATION of Hanukkah BEgins at SUNdown. Although the rituals, beliefs, and ceremonies may look different, there is a SACRED thread of energy that CONNECTs this BELOVEd time of year...the RETURN of the LIGHT.

The DIVINE LIGHT has been REFLECTed to US by countless Sages, SPIRITual teachers, and Masters throughout the Ages. As WE EVOLve, WE REMEMBER that the LIGHT is not something that is 'outside' of US that only a 'chosen few' hold. The LIGHT is within US ALL. The time has come to reCLAIM it and EMBODY it in ways that WE never have BEfore. 

Direct access to this LIGHT resides in your heart. This is the place within you in which the frequency of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is yearning to BE ACTIVATED. It BEgins with embracing SELF-LOVE, SELF-WORTH, and SELF-ACCEPTANCE. If you are on an AWAKENing journey (which if you are reading this, you most certainly ARE), you are experiencing a recognition of all of the thoughtforms and belief systems that are not in ALIGNment with the truth of who you are. Although bringing the shadows to the LIGHT can feel like tough work, you are experiencing EXPONENTIAL SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Remember that, ' a MIRACLE is a change in perception.'

As WE anticipate the BIRTH of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS within US ALL, I CELEBRATE your LIGHT! I see the LIGHT of the DIVINE within you. I EMBRACE how your LIGHT REFLECTs the LIGHT within mySelf. Namaste'


Heather Elizabeth