BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Back in 2006, I was navigating one of the most difficult initiations that I have ever faced. After years of living in denial, I had come face to face with the truth that if I didn't create changes within myself and therefore my circumstances, dire consequences would consume me. I was experiencing what is called a 'dark night of the Soul'. The part of me that wanted to cling to what was 'safe' and familiar was terrified. Yet there was another part of me that was crying out for LIBERATION, eager to do whatever it took to BE FREE of the shackles of suffering.

As difficult as it was at times, I leaned into my Soul's urging to TRANSFORM...During this time of profound GROWTH and HEALING, I began to FEEL a deep pull to the Essence of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Although I had broken away from organized religion many years before then, I found myself immersed in the story of her appearance to Juan Diego and WHOLEHEARTEDly EMBRACEd her as an icon of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and GRACE. When the Virgen de Guadalupe, recognized as 'The Dark Aztec Mother', appeared to Juan Diego in the sixteenth century, SHE sparked a rememberment of the LOVE of the Divine Mother for ALL of her children. My home was filled with images of Guadalupe as I turned to her for support in my journey of death and reBIRTH.

The experience of the dark night of the Soul often CREATEs the space for profound AWAKENING and this certainly was the case for me. Each choice to TRUST and SURRENDER EXPANDed my CONSCIOUSNESS...This soon led me to ALIGN with my Soul's commitment to the reclamation of the Sacred Feminine...a path that I affectionately call 'the RISE of SHE'. With beloved Our Lady of Guadalupe as my GUIDE, my WILLINGNESS to LIBERATE mySelf from what no longer served me opened the doorway for me to experience the LIGHT that lives within...

Today, on her Feast Day, I invite you to OPEN YOUR HEART to the LIGHT...YOUR LIGHT...Know that no matter what challenges you are navigating, there is TRANSFORMATION on the other side of the fear and resistance to change. YOU have what it takes to weather any storm...YOU ARE SUPPORTED...YOU ARE LOVED...YOU ARE WORTHY...


Heather Elizabeth