BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

From my heart to yours, I AM GRATEFUL for the BLESSING of your LIGHT in my life and in the world! AS WE AWAKEN, WE ALIGN with the TRUTH that GRATITUDE is a VIBRATION of the heart. It is a way of BEing that magnetizes to you abunDANCE, JOY, and PROSPERITY while BLESSING others with PURE LOVE, LIGHT, and GRACE. It is a POWERFUL CREATIVE FORCE within the Universe. 

WE recognize that every day can BE a day focused upon the giving of thanks. To GIVE and RECEIVE GRATITUDE is a BEAUTIFUL DANCE that WE can share with ONE another. Doesn't it feel INCREDIBLE to express GRATITUDE and to have it REFLECTed back to you?? It is quite auspicious to have the medicine of the Gemini Full Moon LIGHTing the pathway of this Thanksgiving Day. The Gemini 'twins' invite US into the realm of polarities...a great paradox of the human journey. A necessary task for humanity at this moment of our EVOLutionary journey is to reconcile the ways that our lower mind has been taught to believe that WE are separate from Source, one another, and ALL that IS. The heart kNOWs that although WE are individuals, WE are also a part of the WHOLE. WE can CELEBRATE our diversity while HONORing our common humanity...

In the SPIRIT of GRATITUDE in ONENESS, you are invited to participate in the following Full Moon ritual with me and all of our tribe who are called to it! Here is our ritual: You will need 2 notecards or pieces of paper and a pen, markers, or crayons.

*On both notecards, write a note of GRATITUDE, LOVE, and INSPIRATION. It can BE a favorite quote, passage from a book, song, or your own words of WISDOM. You can write the same message on both cards or have each one BE UNIQUE. 

*Place one card on your bathroom mirror, desk, in your purse, car, or somewhere that you will see it on a daily basis. Let this card BE a reminder to you of your commitment to holding the frequency of GRATITUDE 365 days/year!

*Your other card is to BE given away TODAY. Listen to your heart and it will GUIDE you to who is meant to have it. Perhaps it is a family member that you struggle with. Maybe it is your neighbor down the street who is alone on the holiday. It could BE someone who you have never met before today. TRUST yourSelf. CELEBRATE the seeds of GRATITUDE CONSCIOUSNESS that you are planting!

P.S. Don't let not 'having enough time' get in the way of creating the space for this! This is how WE change the world! ONE act of GRATITUDE at a time! 

P.P.S. As an expression of my GRATITUDE, TOMORROW I will BE announcing my holiday special offers exclusive to my VIP peeps on my email list! Are you on it?! If not, you best hop on the MAGIC train by emailing me at! 

I AM THRILLED to get to CELEBRATE the holiday season with you in this way! WE will also BEgin our journey through the chakras tomorrow! Woooohoooo!

Heather Elizabeth