BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

My HEART is full of GRATITUDE as I REFLECT upon the last 7 years of my journey as a HOLISTIC HEALing practitioner. Back in November of 2011, after the life-changing experience of attending Nine Gates Mystery School, I took a LEAP of FAITH by EVOLving my clinical psychotherapy practice into a CONSCIOUS business focused upon the SPIRITual EVOLution of humanity. 

While LEAPS of FAITH are strongly enCOURAGEd by schools of thought that are INTENT on GROWTH and TRANSFORMation, WE don't always talk about the messy parts of said leaps. I AM here to tell you, it's not all sunSHINE and roses, folks. It can be terrifying, unpredictable, exhausting, downright maddening...yet in the midst of the 'uphill battle' that can occur when you commit to a complete overhaul of everything that you thought yourSelf to BE, there is an experience of LIBERATION that nothing else can compare to. When you FOLLOW YOUR HEART, the experiences of MAGIC are limitless, despite the ego's struggle to surrender to the unknown, again, and again, and yet again...

I have been in a space of deep contemplation this last week as I RECEIVE the medicine of REGENERATION that the 7-year cycle holds. There have been many aha moments of MIRACLES floating upon a river of tears. I can feel the power of the alchemy occurring inside of me that is creating a pathway for the next EVOLution of my path of SERVICE. The POTENCY of this initiation once again leads me back to the experience of GRATITUDE. I FEEL GRATITUDE to mySelf for choosing to live AUTHENTICALLY, despite the challenges that come from living an 'unconventional' life. I FEEL GRATITUDE to my family and friends for their neverending SUPPORT along the journey even though they didn't always understand what the heck I was doing! LOL! 

It goes without saying, yet it IS oh so very important to say, that I feel IMMENSE GRATITUDE to you, Dear ONES. Without your SUPPORT, I would not BE able to live my DREAM. Whether WE have shared many interactions, a few, or have only exchanged an email or two, you have made a HUGE impact on my life. I know from the depths of my Soul that WE are in ONE another's lives for a reason. I AM GRATEFUL for the GIFT of your PRESENCE in my life!

As an expression of my GRATITUDE, you are going to BE hearing a lot from me during this holiday season! I AM going to BE sharing some of my FAVORITE tools for ALIGNing with the LIGHT AND have many AWEsome offers for the holidays to add some extra MAGIC and MEANING to your journey- think SPIRITual SPA days! I will BE mainly sharing this HIGH VIBE info via email, so if you are not yet on my email list, please email me,


Heather Elizabeth