BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

This week WE learned of yet another mass shooting here in the U.S. This is the 3rd one (that WE know of) in a 13-day time span. These events are colliding with a PROFOUND cycle within Natural Time that symbolizes what WE are collectively BIRTHing together.🙏

During my 4-hour car ride from Austin to Corpus, I observed an internal battle of feeling enraged. I experienced harsh judgment towards anyone and everyone who owns a gun. My knee-jerk reaction was to technologically scream out in horror and rage at the ignorance that has fueled where WE are finding ourSelves at this moment of humanity's journey. Then I was reminded to place a hand on my heart and breathe. If I spewed out the venom that was stirring inside of me, I would only BE contributing to the darkness that is causing these acts of violence. Fear, blame, judgment, disconnection from Self and 'others', lack of REVERENCE for life...this is the poison that feeds the choice to pick up a gun and do harm of any kind, to any living BEing...So I choose COMPASSIONATE ACTION through SACRED ACTIVISM. Will you join me?

Tomorrow, SUNday, November 11th, millions of LIGHTworkers across the planet will BE FOCUSing upon the next steps to take in EMBODYing our potential to co-CREATE a PEACEful, INCLUSIVE, LOVING reality for ALL. I AM GRATEFUL to share that I AM GUIDED to offer a SACRED container to harness these energies in a MEANINGful way for ALL who are called to join. 

During tomorrow's VIRTUAL 11:11:11 ACTivation, WE will BE exploring how to EMBODY the Golden Rule which is the key to BIRTHing the 'Golden Age'. Listen to your heart...if you are feeling called to BE a part of this gathering, please visit the event page to learn more and to register by CLICKING HERE


Heather Elizabeth