BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

BLESSINGS on this Dia de Los Muertos/ALL Saints' Day! Across the globe, this 'time' of year is recognized as HOLY. WE have entered a cycle in which the veils are thinned. WE are called to pause to CONNECT with LOVEd ONEs who have crossed over. WE ALLOW our CONSCIOUSness to DANCE with the energy of impermanence through rituals that peak our curiosity about what 'death' truly is. WE open our hearts to RECEIVE the WISDOM of the Ancestors.

The Ancestors teach US that impermanence is as natural as the wind that blows. Nothing lasts forever. If it did, WE would BE unable to appreciate the value that a person, place, or experience brings to our lives. Change is CONSTANT. This is EVOLution, Dear One. When WE SURRENDER to the law of impermanence, WE EMBRACE the BEAUTY of the PRESENT moment. WE lean into GRATITUDE for the HERE and NOW.

Dia de Los Muertos reminds US that the ESSENCE of LOVE stands the test of 'time'. Although physical forms fall away from this third-dimensional reality, LOVE binds US across time and space. If you are INSPIREd to, I invite you to CREATE an altar space to HONOR your LOVEd ONEs. You can place pictures, mementos, flowers, their favorite foods, or anything that NURTURES the bond that you have with them. This may BE a space that you are called to visit to pray, meditate, or simply to breathe in the TRUTH that LOVE is TRANSCENDENT. 

In Shamanism, WE speak of the SACRED WEB of life. Within this web, ALL of CREATION is CONNECTed; past, PRESENT, and future. The unfolding of this NOW moment of our EVOLution impacts the past and the future. Your commitment to AWAKENing sends ripples of energy to your ancestors AND to the generations to come. The HEALing journey IS intergenerational...May you feel the PRESENCE of your LOVED ONEs on this day and all of the days to come...

Heather Elizabeth